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Choose between three monthly plans:

PERSONAL TRAINER PLAN ($600* per month) Includes 10 sessions = $60 per session. Ideal for one person training 2-3 times per week. (Additional session costs $25, billed upon return).

FAMILY TRAINER PLAN ($800* per month). Includes 20 sessions = $40 per session. Ideal for families who are training multiple people or for someone who would like to do more than two sessions per week. (Additional session costs $25, billed upon return).

UNLIMITED TRAINER PLAN ($900* per month). Unlimited sessions for 3 or more people up to 5 people.

* Residents of NY and CA will be charged sales tax for their rental and any shipping charges.  If in NYC, that rate is 8.75%.

Pick up for free at one of our locations. We also ship the system throughout USA for a flat-rate cost of $50. ($100 to Canada)

Neurofeedback At Home - Start Renting Today


  • Tablet with NeurOptimal software 3.0, sensors and EEG paste

  • Tracking Tools-self-reporting checklists for measuring changes

  • Printed Manual and video instructions

  • Weekly check-ins with a Neurofeedback Rental Coach

  • Tech support (if needed) with NeurOptimal Tech Support team

More renting FAQ's

We have partnered with The Meadows Clinic Programs to offer neurofeedback rentals for home use as a helpful addition to your after-care plan.

See below for our monthly plans and pricing.

Neurofeedback At Home - Start Renting Today


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Neuroptimal Tablet Home System
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 Tips for Best Results in Neurofeedback Training

One of the most frequently asked questions is: how many neurofeedback sessions will I need?  I start by saying, "Every brain is different and every person has different goals so we can't give a precise number, But there are some key dos and don'ts that can have a significant impact on how quickly you'll notice changes. Read more >