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In this 30 min. Webinar psychotherapist and advanced NeurOptimal® trainer Natalie Baker answers questions such as;

  • What does neurofeedback therapy do?
  • How does NeurOptimal Neurofeedback compare to other systems?
  • Is it safe?

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PLEASE NOTE: NeurOptimal® is a training tool and does not diagnose, treat, mitigate prevent or cure any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state, nor does it restore, modify or correct the body’s structure or functioning. If you require medical assistance, please seek the advice of your physician.

Things to Know

The number of sessions needed or desired will vary depending on the system being used and the reason for training. In general, with protocol neurofeedback equipment, the number of sessions varies from 20-40. Protocol systems tend to have a set number of sessions for different conditions being addressed. When using Dynamical neurofeedback, which the NeurOptimal system is the only fully automated one, clients rent a home NeurOptimal system they commonly train for two-four months with multiple sessions per week.

With Dynamical® neurofeedback, the number of sessions is not determined by the client’s condition(s), but by the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional goals of the client. Given that, the number of sessions can have a much larger range from 10-100+ sessions over a lifetime. Dynamical® neurofeedback also operates under a different set of assumptions about brain health, namely that the brain is designed to use energy efficiently, which means it is designed to create habitual patterns, both adaptive and maladaptive. For that reason, ongoing neurofeedback sessions as occasional “tune-ups” help the brain see and change the maladaptive habits. These habits are most commonly associated with creating stress reactions.

Watch Video: How Many Sessions Do I Need?


The cost for an in-person session ranges from $100-250 per session depending on the location (NYC, Los Angeles (Pasadena) or Denver and Boulder, Colorado)

NeurOptimal® is the only system on the market that is a fully automated Dynamical Neurofeedback System. Therefore it can also be safely done at home. Renting a neurofeedback home system is the most affordable option, especially for families and partners who want to train together. The prices are lower per session ranging anywhere from $20-100 per session. Our home rentals are structured on a monthly basis rather than per session, so the cost  range from $650 to $950 (depending on the chosen monthly plan). See this page for pricing and how to get started.


The third option, is to buy the equipment. The cost to purchase a neurofeedback system ranges from $7500-11,000. See this page for more information. 

Neurofeedback can start working as early as the first session – even in the very beginning, the brain is going through a process of training to create resiliency and make more efficient and effective decisions. Most symptoms can be, in part, the result of less resilience and flexibility in brain performance.

And if not the first, it’s common for clients to report noticing changes within a few sessions. For example, with the NeurOptimal® system, within the first three sessions, clients often report feeling calmer, having more vivid sense perceptions, and being more embodied. And chronically sleep-deprived clients begin to notice how tired they feel overall. This is their bodies communicating through felt experience, the need for more sleep. For others who are less self-aware it can take up to 6 or 8 sessions to notice changes, and sometimes it is a family member who reports that they seem calmer and more at ease. Or it can be a teacher who notices greater focus, less fidgeting, or fewer outbursts in the classroom.

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