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Learn how to set up the NeurOptimal® system at home in five easy steps and read best training tips from our team of expert neurofeedback coaches.

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How to Set Up The Home Neurofeedback System in 5 Easy Steps



Before Your First Home Session, You'll Need…

  1. Your own headphones (no bluetooth headphones please). Or play the sound through the tablet. Either option is just as effective. Scroll down to read a Q&A on how the feedback is provided. Watch video; What Happens in a Session?
  2. Your Wi-fi login information: The NeurOptimal software requires a high-speed internet connection to work properly. It’s recommended to connect your system to wi-fi at your first session and every 7 days for automatic software updates. If the tablet is not connected to wi-fi and the software is not opened in a week it will not work. 
  3. Wet-wipes or paper towel. To clean the sensors afterwards.
  4. Time: Program itself is 33 minutes long. Allow  about one hour for your first session to read the printed manual and guidelines.
  5. Scan through the step-by-step manual exclusive to Neurofeedback Training Co. renter.




Fill Out a Checklist Form To Track Your Progress

We strongly recommend all renters fill out our Checklist Form prior to starting and then again, after every 8 sessions. For example, when clients see their rate of 10 for "Feel Anxious" turn into a 4 (10 being worst), they know the training is doing something good for them. Scroll down to view the before and after Checklist from one of our renters.

Learn why we recommend a checklist

 See also this demo from NeurOptimal


Add the Five EEG Sensors

Add the sensors the tiny sensors near your scalp and three clips on your ears to pick up delicate electrical activity of your brain. Much like an EKG or ECG, the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback device is simply reading this signal. Nothing invasive is involved with the training process. 

Sensor Placement PDF


STEP 4 OF 5:

Start The NeurOptimal® Session

Unpack your system and plug in the power cord and zAmp. If you had the system shipped, save all the packaging material and re-use upon return. See video below on how to set up the cords for your home system.

Need extra help? Your personal rental manager will also be available via email or Chat Widget. We do ask however that the renter tries to start a session with the help of the manual first. 



STEP 5 OF 5:

Clean the Sensors

Close the program then gently clean the sensors carefully after each use with wet wipes (a wet paper towel is fine too) or in running warm water (just make sure to dry them afterwards)!


Unhook the USB cord to the zAmp and go to the mirror to remove the sensors.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our Team of Neurofeedback Coaches; Amy, Kim and Sara


How difficult is it to  apply and take off the EEG sensors?

There are a total of five EEG sensors to set up before starting a session. NeurOptimal 3 targets 20 different sets of frequencies across the right and left brain, each target naturally balancing off the effects of others. NeurOptimal use C3 and C4 - ie: the midpoints on each side of the head between the top of the ear and the top of the head. If you get them close to those points, then there is no “wrong place”. NeurOptimal is the only system that captures the highest brainwave frequencies, and has the largest range of frequencies that are measured. 95% of all electrical activity is picked up anywhere on the scalp so that's why one does not need to keep moving the sensors in order to capture all the brainwave frequencies. 

NFT-neurofeedback-trainer-saraTraining Tip from Sara

Having difficulties removing the conductive paste from your scalp? The Ten 20 paste is water soluble for easy clean up with warm water. If the paste often get stuck in your hair try this:

    • Use hair clips

    • Go to the mirror to get a better view

    • Lightly dab the area on your scalp and ears with a wet-wipe before adding the sensors. 

How to know a NeurOptimal® session is in progress?

  1. The timer in the smaller Vault window is counting down from 33 minutes
  2. The green light on the side of the zAmp is turned on (if it's not, start over)
  3. You'll hear music and also the skips/pauses in music through your headphones (or the sound streaming from the built-in speakers of the tablet)
  4. Time to relax! Close your eyes, (sleep is encouraged), or read a book. It's also OK to talk while in session. Please note, there is no need to watch the screen images called G-force, it's optional. The primary feedback is via audio

Watch also this short instagram video

Why is the music important with NeurOptimal?

The primary feedback is via audio, as long as you have the sensors placed per the instructions, hear the skips/gaps in music and see that the timer in the small Vault window is counting down from 33 minutes -- it is working. If you don't see the screen saver images or charts-- don't worry! There is absolutely no need to watch the screen while in session. Instead, try to relax; close your eyes, sleep, read a book or magazine, talk, draw, play a game etc... The system and your brain/central nervous system will do all the work.

How neurofeedback works is actually not about the particular sound or sight but rather how the orienting or “pay attention to yourself” response of the brain gets triggered by stopping the music or visual display.  We are “bio-hacking” by interrupting the habitual patterns through the use of the brain’s natural information gathering process, the orienting response. It’s triggered by interrupting the music which triggers the awareness response of the automatic functioning CNS to come into the present moment . This serves as an opportunity for the mal-adaptive habits, such as constantly being in a state of stress, to be revealed.

So while there is the necessity for sound it’s not the particulars of it, that make the neurofeedback work. It the interruption process at the exact millisecond the brain is about to change states (read by the electrical patterning) and perform an action that is key for the ‘feedback.’

Why do I hear pauses in the music even if the EEG Sensors are not attached?

The sensors are passive in that they pick up any electrical activity, which there is a lot of in our environments. It's not meaningful interruptions when the sensors are picking up environmental noise. In fact, NeurOptimal, unlike all other neurofeedback systems, is able to cancel out environmental EEG activity when you are training. The software knows the difference between the 60 Hz environmental noise and your brain's electrical activity. 



Training Tip from Amy

Make sure to start up tablet and the NeurOptimal® program before adding the sensors. Just to make sure it’s working properly. If the program needs a software update (which always happens automatically at start) it can take between 1 - 5 minutes and a reboot is recommended after an update.  



Why is the w-fi/internet connection important?

A wi-fi connection at all times is required and software needs to be opened once per week this is to keep its licensing up to date. The simplest way for you to ensure this is to connect your system to your wireless network.

How do I adjust the Volume on the tablet?

There are two places to adjust the volume. Best option is to tap on the Volume control icon in the lower right corner (see volume icon in task bar). There are also two volume controls located at the top left of system but it is right next to Power Button which is easy to mistake.

I entered my name, now I cannot locate it! 

In the Vault’s lower left corner, click on “All” to pull up all names entered in the system. Please note: You only need to add your name once!
Make sure to add your name in the Vault and start the session from there. Tap on "Add a Client" or see instructions in the Manual

Are the rentals the same as in-office?

All our system’s available for rent are professional-grade neurofeedback machines and have the newly updated software NeurOptimal 3. The user-interface may vary between a Personal Trainer and a Pro, but please know that it is the exact same training no matter what system you’ll rent.

Is it OK if I do other things while I do a neurofeedback training session?

Yes!  The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer does not require you to place your attention on the training screen in order to run a successful session.  The feedback comes primarily through interruptions in the music/audio.  If you can hear the music, then the training session will be successful.  You can read, sleep, meditate, whatever you feel inclined to do. 

Read Colorado Neurofedback Trainer's Kim story, 

How often can you use NeurOptimal? Can I train daily?

NeurOptimal is 100% non-invasive so daily sessions are OK. However, the key to success is to not approach your training goals in terms of the number of sessions completed or how your brain might look differently on a graph. The best results come from using self-assessments rather than the number of neurofeedback sessions. Learn more why here and also learn when neurofeedback does not work.

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Why is it recommended to fill out a checklist to keep track of progress?

We ask all clients, regardless of whether they are renting or training in-office, to fill this checklist out every 8-10 sessions. 

This checklist is key because it gives a numerical value to your goals and allows you to track your changes over time. Seeing the numbers change is a sign of progress!  During the first 8-10 sessions, numbers typically drop by 3.  For example, if "Difficulty concentrating" or "Often worry" starts at a value of 9, it is often reported to be a 6 after 10 sessions. 



These reporting tools also improve self-awareness.  One of our goals as neurofeedback coaches is to help clients notice how they are feeling. Noticing subtle changes helps you get ahead of your feelings, and maintain a sense of focus and calm.  Self-awareness is the first step to success, because it key to identifying which tools will help re-regulate the mind, whether it is a neurofeedback session, going to be early, or getting to the gym. Does the results last? Read more FAQ's here.

Do You Get Better Neurofeedback In An Office?

With the NeurOptimal® system the answer is no.  Given the design of the software, the expertise is in the software, not in the person administering the session.   Read more about the difference between NeurOptimal vs. other neurofeedback systems here.

What is Dynamical Neurofeedback?

The NeurOptimal® software is Dynamical and designed to be responsive to each brain's millisecond-by-millisecond brain waves, which are measured as electrical voltages.  Those brain waves are translated by an amplifier into numbers, which is what every EEG measurement device does.  They translate the electricity into meaningful numbers called brain wave frequencies.  The mathematics behind NeurOptimal is looking for changes in those frequencies. When it finds changes,  the system sends a "pay attention" signal within a microsecond to alert the brain to its own changes.

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NeurOptimal® Session Explained


NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is naturopathic and does not “push” the brain in any particular direction. The system merely cues your central nervous system to do what is naturally best for YOUR brain.



neuroptimal-neurofeedback-training-at-home-relaxing-sessionSit in a comfortable chair or on a couch. Put on the headphones (use your own if at home, headphones are not included in rental) and start the program and the brain training begins. You will listen to music and you may notice very brief pauses in the sound or image.  The very precise timing of these interruptions gives the brain vital information it needs to reorganize itself to operate more optimally. You don’t have to do anything while all this is happening. It’s all right to close your eyes and "zone out" and just let your brain do its job. It's also OK to talk, read a book or play a game on a separate device. Length of the brain training can vary, but a NeurOptimal session is 33 minutes long.


How will you feel afterwards? Because NeurOptimal® system is non-invasive and does not push the brain in any “direction” during training, it is highly unlikely you will feel any side effects following a session. Any noticeable shifts in your mood, awareness or energy level after brain training really depends on the individual and can vary from session to session. 

Transformation with neurofeedback happens according to the brain’s own intrinsic wisdom, with no conscious effort from the user.


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