Neurofeedback Training Co. headquarter is in NYC. We have satellite offices in: Los Angeles, Denver & Boulder.

Our New York Neurofeedback Training Co. location is at 32 Union Square East, Suite 1017, New York, NY 10003. Our experienced neurofeedback trainer team in New York also offer therapy which can be combined with a neurofeedback session.

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Neurofeedback Training Co. NYC

Address: 32 Union Square East, Suite 1017, New York, NY 10003

Natalie Baker, LMHC

NYC Psychotherapist, Advanced NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer and Founder


Natalie is the founder of Neurofeedack Training Co. and certified as an advanced NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainer.  She has been working as a psychotherapist since 1999 and has been a practicing Buddhist since 1991. Given her Western training in psychology and psychotherapy and her Eastern training in Buddhism and meditation, Natalie brings a broader perspective to mental health and well-being. In 2010 she added neurofeedback therapy to her practice to support changing negative habits on the structural or brain level. Natalie work on three levels: physical, psychological, and spiritual.  Some clients want all three levels, some come just for the physical (neurofeedback training). 

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Services: Neurofeedback Equipment Product Sales

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Amy Yuan, Certified Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer

NY Sessions & East Coast Rental Manager Coach


Amy is passionate about psychology and its applications in visual art and writing. She is interested in spirit-mind-body connection and how technology like neurofeedback can optimize well-being and awaken individual potential. Amy has worked in educational, non-profit and counseling settings with a wide range of populations from those with disabilities to college students.  She strives to bring creativity and multicultural awareness to her work and is fascinated by the transformative processes in those she works with. Amy completed her graduate studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. 

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Services: NY Neurofeedback Sessions & Home System Rentals for states on the east-coast.

Grace Tian, Neurofeedback Trainer

NYC NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer


Grace completed her master’s degree in counseling psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a certified Neurofeedback trainer and also a mindfulness practitioner who received her Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) teacher training from Harvard Medical School and Center for Mindfulness Studies.  Over the past few years, Grace has been committed to developing trauma-informed prevention and intervention programs that support optimal well-being. Her training and work experience sparked her interest in exploring the psychosocial factors associated with resilience through mindfulness-based interventions. 


Neurofeedback Training Co. California

Address: 28 N. Oak Ave, Suite 204, Pasadena, CA 91107

Sara St. John, Los Angeles & Pasadena, CA

Los Angeles Neurofeedback Sessions and Rental Manager Coach (West-Coast Region)


Sara started with neurofeedback training in 2011 and enjoyed it so much that she switched careers and became a certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer in 2015. Since then she has managed over four hundred renters in California and surrounding states (Oregon, Washington State, Hawaii and Alaska). Sara also provides in-office neurofeedback sessions in Pasadena, California for those who want to try a session before renting.

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Address: 28 N. Oak Ave., S. 204, Pasadena, CA 91107 (sessions only, by appointments)

Services: NeurOptimal Rental Coach in California and Neurofeedback sessions in Pasadena.


Neurofeedback Training Co. Colorado

Address: 19647 Solar Cir B-101, Parker, CO 80134  (In-person sessions)

Kim Planansky, Fort Collins, Colorado

Colorado Neurofeedback Trainer and Rental Manager Coach (Mid-West Region)


After relocating from Texas to live in Fort Collins, Colorado, Kim is now managing the rental program for Neurofeedback in Colorado and other states in U.S.. If you are located in states such as Utah, Texas, Nevada, Idaho - Kim will help you throughout your rental month. Read bio

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Phone: 720-664-6872


Services: Neurofeedback Home System Rentals (mid-west region) 


Jennifer Tierney, Denver, Co

Denver Neurofeedback Trainer Affiliate


After being introduced to NeurOptimal and having participated in regular sessions, Jennifer became a believer and avid supporter of the system and process. So much so, that she decided to become certified and start a neurofeedback practice, leaving behind a life as a senior executive in the corporate world.  Jennifer now sees clients for in-person sessions at an office in Parker, Colorado.

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Phone: 720-802-4819

Address 19647 Solar Cir B-101
Parker, CO 80134 (Sessions)

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