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NeurOptimal® Lease Package


Give yourself and your family the opportunity to take your brain health to the next level.

Limited systems available for lease per year. Available to Neurofeedback Training Co. renters only. Scroll down to learn more.

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Exclusive NeurOptimal® 1-Year Lease Package

✔️   $449* per month 
✔️   Unlimited Sessions for up to 6 people
✔️   Free tech support from NeurOptimal®
✔️   Monthly 1:1 check-in with certified trainer
✔️   Personalized tracking tools to measure progress
✔️   Early cancellation option after 8 months
✔️   Buyout option

Lowest price leasing deal in US & Canada. Not ready to lease? Rent a system

*sales tax applies for NY, CA and CO


Lease Inquiry

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  • This leasing offer is exclusive to Neurofeedback Training Co. 
  • 1 month of a rental from us is required prior start of this lease

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Is Leasing right for you?

Our lease is ideal for individuals who have already tried NeurOptimal and know they want to take their brain health to the next level. It's a perfect solution for individuals, and families who are committed to optimizing brain health.

Common reasons individuals training for a year:

  • foundation for executive and behavioral changes during a full school year
  • chronic stress-related issues
  • emotional issues or additional support for trauma work
  • strong foundation for anti-aging
  • support for brain injuries
  • wanting to be at their best brain health.
  • More benefits.

With this unlimited-use lease, you can provide sessions for yourself and family, at home on your own schedule, and as regularly as you like, with 50% or higher savings compared with in-office sessions.

About NeurOptimal:

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NeurOptimal Lease Q&A

  • The latest version of NeurOptimal software
  • Complete NeurOptimal system
  • 2 USB cables
  • 2 jars of conductive paste
  • 1 set of sensors
  • Unlimited sessions for up to 6 people
  • Unlimited tech support from NeurOptimal
  • Monthly 1:1 check-in with certified trainer
  • Personalized tracking progress tools

  • Microsoft Surface Tablet with a protected screen and case
  • 1 set of EEG sensors
  • Same equipment offered in our rental program
  • NeurOptimal 3.7 software (3.0 was released in 2018 and Version 3.5 in April 2022). Learn more about the latest NeurOptimal® 3 features here.

Expect 2-3 business days shipping time via FedEx. If located in Los Angeles, Denver or NYC shipping is faster, 1-2 business days.

A signed lease contract is required prior shipment.

  • Can cancel after 8 months with a $500 early cancelation fee
  • Can revert to unlimited rental plan agreement pricing in first 2 months of lease and return early

  • We've been offering neurofeedback programs in office and as rentals since 2011.
  • Guaranteed Lease Experience: If a rental system is not running properly we will arrange a remote support call with a NeurOptimal technician. If the problem is not resolved, we’ll put your rental period on "pause" until we have sent you a replacement system.
  • Experienced Certified NeurOptimal Coaches who are also training themselves. Read Amy's experience and results.


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