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before-and-after-neurofeedback-session-neurofeedback-training-co-neuroptimal-home-system-rentals-new-york-cityOur clients typically find the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training enhancing five general categories: 

  1. Wellness and Personal Growth

  2. Slowing the Effects of Brain Aging

  3. Achieving an Artistic or Athletic Performance Edge

  4. Help with Emotional or Physical Challenges

  5. Enhancing Academic Performance

Wellness and Personal Growth

For most, wellness is an awareness of the intimate connection between our state of mind and our physical health. Wellness typically involves the pursuit of spiritual growth for greater joy and fulfillment. Clients on this journey tell us that brain training with Neuroptimal accelerates their path, and clarifies the areas that need greater attention. Whether it’s more rest, more play, or a better diet. Training the central nervous system also better equips users to cope with daily life challenges that could potentially delay their pursuit of wellness. Life coaches and psychotherapists use the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system to support and speed up their work with clients. 

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Diminish the Effects of Brain Aging

Brain fitness is important at any age, but it is especially critical after age forty when anatomical changes can adversely affect our brains. Memory loss, loss of neural circuity, loss of brain plasticity and an overall thinning of cortex are well-documented age-related phenomena that may negatively impact our emotional and physical well-being. Neuroptimal trainers worldwide have found neurofeedback to be an excellent supplement to an anti-aging regimen that includes exercise, dietary shifts, supplements, as well as staying socially actively and intellectually engaged. 

Peak Performance for Athletes and Artists

Neurofeedback Training has helped stage performers, opera singers, celebrities and athletes excel in their chosen field. “If the performances of world-class athletes are separated by hundreths, sometimes thousanths of a second, more strength or flexibility will not help them secure victory. Nor will adding five hours practice to an already grueling weekly schedule. It is tapping the potential of the mind and its intricate connection to the body that will provide the elusive edge” – Rael Isacowitz, 2006

Why Brain Training with NeurOptimal?Help with Specific Emotional, or Physical Challenges

Clients often come to NeurOptimal® having already been on a journey to create greater emotional balance and resilience, or to help them live better with a chronic condition. NeurOptimal helps us be at our best-focused, calmer, more resourced-allowing us to meet life’s challenges with more energy and hope.

Enhance Academic Performance

NeurOptimal® is a phenomenal learning tool. It helps with focus, engagement and attention span.  Many of our clients report being able to get organized and follow through on tasks, often after having given up on their organizational skills! We encourage our clients to let teachers know that children are starting neurofeedback so that they can report back to the parents how they notice shifts in the child’s learning and classroom behavior. Watch a Client’s Review on the Training - Luigi’s Story

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