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NEW YORK (New York City)


NYC ADDRESS: 32 Union Square East, Suite 1017, NY, NY 10003. (Union Square, Manhattan)


  • Cost per Neurofeedback Session: $150. Sliding scale available. 

  • Special Offer for New Clients: Neurofeedback Package Plans also available: Buy 10 sessions, get one free!

  • NYC Hours:  Monday - Saturday 

  • Appointments run 45-50 minutes and the actual neurofeedback session time is  33 minutes.

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Address: 19647 Solar Cir B-101, Parker, CO 80134.

In-person sessions are with affiliate NeurOptimal® Trainer Jennifer Tierney.

Cost per neurofeedback session is $130 (55 min.).

Live-demo of a home rental available upon request. 

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Neurofeedback Session Q&A

A NeurOptimal® session lasts 33 minutes. An in-office visit takes a total of 50 minutes. If requesting a live demonstration of a home rental, the session is 1h and 15 minutes long.

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What Happens in a NeurOptimal® Session?

The number of sessions varies depending on why the person is training and type of symptoms.  In general, most clients train somewhere between 10-30+ sessions. But when clients have more stressors they often need more training. 

At your first session, we recommend filling out a Checklist Form and Symptom Tracker form and then again after 8 sessions. These self-reporting checklists track progress over time.

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After a single neurofeedback session, there is no "average" experience as each brain is different and the same brain is different at any given moment. Depending on many factors including your current state and how quickly your brain is able to learn new things, there are a range of possible feelings you may have after any given session.  Some might report experiencing a sense of clarity, focus, or calm. Others might not notice any discernible change in the moment. What's important is to be in-tuned with your own internal evolution, rather than to compare it to an external standard, even if this can give an idea of progress. Listening to your body and mind is key to noticing how you are benefiting from neurofeedback.


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No. Only protocol or linear neurofeedback requires a prior diagnosis or brain map (QEEG) before treatment can begin. When training with the NeurOptimal system, which is a non-linear Dynamical Neurofeedback no brain mapping (QEEG scan) is necessary. This automatic neurofeedback system uses real-time brainwave monitoring rather than a static QEEG brain map to promote self-regulation and improve brain function.

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At our New York neurofeedback training location we offer an out-of-network receipt that you can submit to your insurance ( if you have those benefits). We do not accept insurance at any other locations. If concerned about cost, we recommend renting a neurofeedback at-home system which is a more affordable option. The cost per session is about the same cost as the insurance's deductible. One can also train multiple people in the same household.


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The neurofeedback system used for  in-office sessions is also available for rent!


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