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Meet our team

Natalie Baker, MA LMHC

  • Licensed Psychotherapist
  • Amen Clinic Brain Health Professional
  • Advanced Certified Neurofeedback Trainer
  • NeurOptimal® Sales Representative 

Amy Yuan, MA

  • Columbia University, Master's in Couselling
  • Advanced Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer
  • Rental Program Coach
  • New York in-office trainer

Kim Planansky, MA

  • Master's in Organizational Psychology
  • Advanced Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer
  • Rental Program Coach



What does a neurofeedback session look like?

There are basic components to any legitimate neurofeedback session and how it should look. Because neurofeedback measures brainwave activity there should be EEG sensors connected to the head either with paste or dry sensors in a headband. There will be a computer device that has the software to analyze the brainwave data and deliver visual or auditory feedback. Here is a video of protocol neurofeedback and here is what a Dynamical neurofeedback session looks like.

Is neurofeedback covered by insurance?

Neurofeedback is covered by some health insurance (under the heading of EEG biofeedback) when done in a licensed healthcare provider’s office. However, many insurance companies do not cover the cost or do so for only a very limited number of conditions, such as migraines. It is still considered “experimental” by many insurance companies though it is gaining recognition and coverage. Reach out to your insurance to see if it is covered, for which conditions, and for how many sessions.

How many sessions of neurofeedback are necessary?

The number of sessions needed or desired will vary depending on the system being used and the reason for training. In general, with protocol neurofeedback equipment, the number of sessions varies from 20-40. Protocol systems tend to have a set number of sessions for different conditions being addressed. When using Dynamical neurofeedback, which the NeurOptimal system is the only fully automated one, clients rent a home NeurOptimal system they commonly train for two-four months with multiple sessions per week.

With Dynamical® neurofeedback, the number of sessions is not determined by the client’s condition(s), but by the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional goals of the client. Given that, the number of sessions can have a much larger range from 10-100+ sessions over a lifetime. Dynamical® neurofeedback also operates under a different set of assumptions about brain health, namely that the brain is designed to use energy efficiently, which means it is designed to create habitual patterns, both adaptive and maladaptive. For that reason, ongoing neurofeedback sessions as occasional “tune-ups” help the brain see and change the maladaptive habits. These habits are most commonly associated with creating stress reactions.

How much does neurofeedback cost?

Neurofeedback pricing will vary depending on whether you are doing in-office sessions, a home rental, or purchasing a system. With protocol neurofeedback, you will need to first have a QEEG brain map. The cost ranges from $500-3,000. The proceeding neurofeedback sessions range from $150-300 each.

When doing Dynamical neurofeedback, of which NeurOptimal® is the only system on the market, it does not require brain mapping. The mapping is integrated into the software, so the first session includes a full neurofeedback session. The cost ranges from $100-250 per session.

Renting a neurofeedback system for home use is the third option. The prices are lower per session ranging anywhere from $20-100 per session. Most rentals are structured on a monthly basis rather than per session, so the cost can range from $700 to the thousands.

Most systems are not available to purchase for home use, however; the NeurOptimal system is and the cost to purchase a neurofeedback system ranges from $7500-11,000.

Can I do neurofeedback at home?

Yes, neurofeedback at home is possible with some devices. We chose the NeurOptimal device because the professional device can be used safely and effectively at home.  In general, a system you rent from a clinic and have a certified trainer supporting you with home neurofeedback is going to give better results than purchasing some of the low-cost direct-to-consumer devices on Amazon. Another tip for finding the best home neurofeedback is to look for devices that are fully automated so that you don’t have to set protocols.

What are the benefits of neurofeedback?

The benefits of neurofeedback vary depending on the reason for training and the system being used. In general, neurofeedback can help support change in the areas of cognitive performance, emotional regulation, lower stress, sleep management, and overall improved brain performance.


In the areas of cognitive improvements most common benefits include increased ability to focus and sustain focus, decreased impulsivity, better memory, improved recall, and ability to plan.


Neurofeedback benefits clients with emotional issues most commonly to decrease the intensity and duration of negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, and hopelessness. Being able to make choices rather than react emotionally is another common benefit.



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