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Our experienced neurofeedback trainers are standing by to answer your questions about neurofeedback therapy (NeurOptimal® training): How does it work and what is the difference between NeurOptimal and other protocol-neurofeedback systems? Where can I find a neurofeedback trainer near me? What is the cost of neurofeedback and what are my training options?

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Neurofeedback Training Co. NYC

32 Union Square East, Suite 1017, New York, NY 10003

Main Headquarter is located in NYC. At this location we offer NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Therapy Sessions, Therapy & Neurofeedack Combo and Home System Rentals.

NY Neurofeedback Trainer's Phone Numbers:

  • Natalie: 347-860-4778 (Owner, NeurOptimal Equipment Purchases)
  • Alison:  929-352-3504 (NYC Neurofeedback Therapy Sessions)
  • Heather:  347-708-6177 (NYC Neurofeedback Therapy Sessions)
  • Grace:  908-845-3378 (NYC Neurofeedback Sessions & East-Coast Rental Manager)

Neurofeedback Training Co.  LOS ANGELES

28 N. Oak Ave. S. 204, Pasadena, CA 91107

  • Sara: 323-686-2717 (Neurofeedback Trainer & Rental Manager for West-Coast Region)
  • NeurOptimal Sessions in Pasadena
  • Rental pick up location in Northeast Los Angeles.

Neurofeedback Training Co.  COLORADO


  • Boulder:  4236 Piedra Pl. Boulder, Co. 80302 (Sessions with Neurofeedback Trainer Joy Om. (Learn more)
  • Rental Equipment: 1113 Spruce Street, Suite 406, Boulder CO 80302 and in Denver, Colorado.