NeurOptimal® is a safe and effective brain training.

The NeurOptimal® Home System is a fully automated neurofeedback system and is specifically designed for home use.  All our tablet-based system includes the latest updated NeurOptimal® software version 3.5.

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Schedule an in-person session before renting. Also listen to this free Q&A Webinar to learn how it works.

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Neurofeedback Cost and Rental Plans

Choose between three monthly plans. Extend as long as you wish and upgrade/downgrade as you go along! Includes everything you need to train your brain at home.



Includes 12 sessions

$55 per session

Ideal for one person training 3 sessions per week.

Additional sessions used are $25 each, billed upon return.



Includes 22 sessions

$39 per session

Ideal for a family or those who would like to do more than three sessions per week.

Additional sessions used are $25 each, billed upon return.



Unlimited Sessions

$30 per day. Train up to 6 people* best-value

Ideal for those who are training multiple people.

*If more than 4 people there is an additional $20 to cover the cost of paste. 6 or more people $125 additional cost.


*Residents of NY, CA and CO will be charged sales tax. Please note: As of August 15, 2022 we updated our pricing The above pricing reflects this new price increase. Shipment cost is a flat-rate of $45-100 depending on where the package is shipped to in US ($150 flat-rate to Canada). The shipping cost is not included in the above price and billed separately. Includes hassle-free returns.  Minimum rental and payment  is one month (1 month = 30 days). Pas as you go. After the first month, two week or a month rental cycle available. See below for more details.


No waitlist! Get a system shipped directly to your home in 1-3 business days .


Shipping Policy & COVID-19 Update

All our rental equipment and its components are wiped down thoroughly with a disinfectant prior shipment. We offer a flat-rate shipping cost with insurance throughout U.S. and Canada. Pick up for free  at our NYC office location only and when scheduling a session in Los Angeles/Pasadena.

How to Reserve a Rental

3 Easy Steps To Rent

  1. Click here or fill out the form to the right
  2. After filling out the form, you will be prompted to add your reservation and create an account (no payment will go through until you have been assigned a system)
  3. Once you create an account, you will receive an email with a link to fill out an online contract via an app. Didn't receive the email? Check your Spam folder or reach out to us directly.
  4. If there is a wait, a reservation and filled out contract will get you on the waitlist. Payment will be processed once we have assigned a system and 24h before shipment/picking up. (We currently have no waitlist).

One of our rental managers, (Sara, Kim or Amy) will contact you to proceed with the rental, confirm your rental dates, shipping details, and prepare your system.

Have questions about the rental process?

Use Chat Widget in right corner to talk to one of our trainers and rental managers. Or call to speak with California Rental Manager Sara at +1 347-835-5408 ext. 2 (weekdays only)

Step 1: Reserve a Rental

Good to Know Before Renting

  • First come, first serve. If there is a wait, a filled out contract and reservation will get you on the waitlist. We at times have high demand but we do our best to get a system shipped within a week after reservation has been made.  
  • An online reservation and a signed contract is required to be on the waitlist and before we can ship out a system. 
  • Rental fee payment is collected 24 hours before shipment or scheduled for pick up
  • Please note the shipping charges is not included in monthly plan. Signature is required if shipped.
  • Rental cycle dates will be set once system has been shipped/scheduled for pick up. The rental period begins the day after you receive your system  and lasts 30 days (1 month). To be returned/shipped back on your due date.
  • Pay as you go. Extend the rental after the first month. Upgrade or downgrade your plan as you go along. Sessions rollover to the next rental period. Two weeks rental extension is available after the first months rental. The cost  as session count is half of the monthly plan's pricing.
  • Excellent support and easy to use home system; we provide a printed step-by-step guide exclusive for Neurofeedback Training Co. renters on how to set the system up in your home. You will also be assigned an experienced neurofeedback trainer coach to guide you if extra help is needed. 

    Click here to make your reservation today! 

Why Rent The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Home System?

It is the same neurofeedback technology, same tracking tools, same results. We've been helping clients train at home for over 10 years!

Our home neurofeedback kit is ideal for people who want to optimize their school and work performance, enhance mental acuity, create calm, emotional fitness, manage sleep issues, or shift their unhealthy relationships with cravings. View the benefits here.

With our rental system you can run brain training sessions for yourself and family, at home on your own schedule, and as regularly as you like, with 50% or higher savings compared with in-office sessions.

Six reasons why renting is the most effective option:

  1. Saves in cost.

  2. Same exact training as in-office visits

  3. Easy to use. Watch a video here

  4. Includes all materials needed to do brain training at home, each system comes with a printed manual.

  5. Train multiple people at home. Only requirement is to send us a Consent Form for each person training. If you need to train more than 6 people, contact us by filling out the form)

  6. Our team of experienced trainers will guide you through the renting period if you need extra help.

neurofeedback-training-for-kids-neuroptimal-session-activity-IMG_8282-600pxNeurOptimal is fully automated neurofeedback system. During a NeurOptimal session you can read, talk, play a game on a separate device or simply sleep or "zone out" while training.  Watch our video what happens in a session and why that is.

Good To Know Before Starting

Neurofeedback Training with NeurOptimal® Is...

  • 100% non-invasive brain training approved by the FDA as a Wellness Device.
  • Designed to support the brain’s natural, innate learning process. How it works
  • Fully automated neurofeedback technology; No diagnosis, brain mapping or expert trainer setting protocols. Learn the difference.
  • Effortless training and simple to use equipment. Sleep during a session is encouraged and all our rentals include a Step-by-step printed guide. Watch what happens in a session.

Success Stories from Our Renters

Latest Neurofeedback Reviews

July, 2022

 I rented a home system for a month for my aunt who was struggling with ringing in ears so severely that she was unable to leave her house. At the end of the month, she is back to her vibrant, busy and social self. I feel like it saved her life. She seems to think she cured herself somehow and doesn’t recognize the impact this had on her. I recommend she use it for another month or two, but she feels so great now she didn’t feel she needed it. 

– S., Dallas, Oregon

April, 2022

I sought out neurofeedback for my teenage daughter. After 1,5 months of renting a home system, and about 20 sessions, I noticed a significant change in her test scores.

– A., Los Angeles

February, 2022

We have felt great after doing it. After a month of training (4-5 sessions per week per person)  we've seen such an improvement in our son's learning challenges. My wife has also experienced positive benefits. Thank you.
– P., Los Angeles (Father who trained the whole family including two young twins)

August, 2021

This was a wonderful experience! We rented a unit for 6 weeks and used it as a family and I noticed that I was much calmer and less reactive. It was very easy to do and I started seeing it as relaxing "me time". My husband said he was more focused and my son said he "felt happier". We will definitely be renting from Sara on a yearly basis for "boosters". I highly recommend this if you feel anxious, reactive or have some internal tension you want to work through. =)

–C.L, Los Angeles, California. Rented a system for 1,5 months. Yelp review

More Reviews From Renters

We had a great rental and neurofeedback training experience. Being able to speak with someone personally and get our questions answered so quickly was very nice. All of us benefited from the training sessions ; overall I feel more relaxed, procrastinate less and am in a more cheerful mood, my teenage daughter seem also less moody and she doesn't feel so anxious around school and tests and my husband says he sleeps deeper. Thanks again!

– A., Washington State, family of three


The changes are amazing. I was on a hike with my husband today and he told me about how I went from a terrible self-destructive state to being more joyful! He also noticed that we haven't had one fight in over a month! 

– E.M., California (Google Review)


We have used the machine twice and it’s helping tremendously already! My child enjoys it so much now that she asks for it. Whomever designed the instructions, did an incredible job. They are very helpful. Thanks so much for all of your help!

– Family of Four, Colorado

After having a few neurofeedback sessions in-office, I decided to rent a machine to save in cost. It has helped managing my stress better and feeling more focused at work. I now feel more relaxed and happier – especially in social settings which was a nice surprise benefit.

– Brie in NYC,

So far the results have been fantastic and better than the traditional in-office neurofeedback therapy I tried prior to using NeurOptimal. I experience greater sense of peace and wellness as existing blocks/triggers/limiting beliefs melt away for good. I recommend meditation while using the system to maximize effects and also get plenty of sleep. This thing is a game changer!

– J.W., Los Angeles (Facebook Review)

Want to hear more success stories from our renters? Read these testimonials.

Q&A On Renting a System From Neurofeedback Training Co.

What's Included?

All of the equipment and supplies needed to do neurofeedback training at home, including conductive paste. Headphones are not required, but any earbuds or regular wired headphones can be used if you prefer them (instead of the system's speakers). High-speed internet access is recommended in case you require technical support.

Which Equipment and Software Is Rented Out?

All of our rental systems have the recently updated NeurOptimal 3.5 software (3.0 was released in 2018 and Version 3.5 in April 2022). Learn more about the latest NeurOptimal® 3 features here. Our rental units provide the exact same training as offered by neurofeedback centers or therapy offices that provide NeurOptimal@ sessions.

How Soon Can I Get My Rental?

After completing reservation and contract, and a rental manager has confirmed a system, expect 2-3 business days shipping time via FedEx. (A complete reservation and signed contract will process your rental quicker). Read our shipping policy here.

How Long Can I Keep The Home Rental For?

After the initial month, you can extend your rental in two week or full month periods, for as long as you'd like to keep training. If you don't complete all your sessions, we recommend extending. The sessions rollover to the next rental period (except for Unlimited Use Plan). One can upgrade and downgrade as you continue to rent. Two to three months of rental is recommended for best results.

Not ready to rent? Talk to an experienced rental coach!

Use the Chat Widget in lower right corner or click here to schedule a 15 min. phone call with one of our experienced rental managers and neurofeedback trainers. We also recommend signing up to watch our free Q&A Webinar.


Step-By-Step-Renting Guide

Learn what happens from reserving a unit to what happens at the end of your rental period.

  1. Fill out a rental request form here. You will then be prompted to create a reservation in our Rental Portal.

  2. Once you have created your reservation, you will receive an email with a link to our Rental Contract. For your security, you will need to confirm your email address with our online system before accessing the contract. A completed Rental Contract is needed before we can assign and ship a system to you. If you have any problems with the contract signing process, contact Sara at or use the Chat Widget in lower right corner

  3. You'll receive a confirmation email from our rental managers (Sara, Amy or Kim). Once we have assigned a system to you, we will email you the next business day to confirm the details of your rental, rental dates, etc. If you completed your contract on a weekend or evenings, we'll process it the next business day. Payment is not due until you rental is ready to ship!

  4. Rental ships. Your Rental Manager will send you an email to confirm the rental. Shipments will include automatic update notifications from FedEx. Payment is due 24h before shipment Shipping within NY, CA and CO is $75 (includes return shipment and insurance). All other states is $90. Cost of shipment to Canada is $150. Please note: Due to the high shipping costs to Canada and states such as Hawaii and Alaskawe ask renters for two months minimum commitment. Please note: A signature is required for FedEx delivery. We can also ship to a nearby FedEx office. If so, please provide us with the FedEx address in your reservation.

  5. New Yorkers may pick up and drop off for free at our NYC location (office hours only). *If located in Denver or inn Los Angeles metro area the shipping cost is only $45 and includes return and shipping insurance. *Please note; As of July 2022 there will be no pick up or drop off available from our Denver or LA location. A rental may be only picked up at no additional charge if also scheduling a session

  6. Receive the home unit and all accompanying materials, including paste, instructions and forms. Take your time to read through the printed manual prior your first session and check out set-up videos on our Support page.

  7. Train your brain! Click here to view a short video on how to set up the EEG sensors and the equipment. You can use the system's built-in audio speakers for your training sessions, or any wired headphones or earbuds. We are also available if you have any questions. High speed internet access is recommended to allow the software to do automatic updates every 7 days.

  8. We will be checking in with you periodically to see how your training is going and to answer questions. Make sure to fill out a Checklist Form every set of 8 sessions to track your progress!

  9. A week before your training period ends, you'll receive an automatic email alert. A rental manager will also contact you to see if you wish to extend your rental. We strongly recommend training for 2-3 months period for best results. Sessions rollover from month to month if you haven't had time to complete all of the sessions included in your rental plan. When extending, your credit card on file will be charged the first day of the next 30 day period.

  10. Returning the system: When your rental period is over, please use the same packaging and FedEx return label we provided (for all US rentals). If you do not use our packaging please buy your own. When shipping back the equipment, please ship the same day of your rental due date. We charge a late fee of $25 per day if we haven't received the unit back agreed to.


Why Rent From Neurofeedback Training Co.?


  • We've been renting out home systems successfully since 2011
  • All systems are up-to-date and includes the latest version; NeurOptimal 3.5
  • Guarnateed Rental Experience: If a rental system is not running properly we will arrange a remote support call with a NeurOptimal technician. If the problem is not resolved, we’ll put your rental period on "pause" until we have sent you a replacement system.
  • Experienced Neurofeedback Rental Coaches who are also training themselves. Read Amy's experience and neurofeedback results.
  • Receive customized neurofeedback training tips. As a renter you are entitled to a 20 min call with a trainer each week.
  • Training as a family? Read our blog to get the most out of your rental experience.


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