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Home Neurofeedback

Transform Your Mental Well-being: Rent NeurOptimal® for Home Neurofeedback 

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Includes 22 sessions ($39 per session)

Additional sessions used are $25 each

  • Professional-grade system
  • Latest software of NeurOptimal 3 with technical updates
  • Personalize program for each trainee
  • Printed manual and how-to videos
  • Expert guidance and support
  • Assessment tools to show progress
  • 24/7 online support
  • Option to upgrade if exceeding sessions
  • Free shipping (including insurance)



Residents of NY and CO will be charged sales tax. One month = 28 days. Pay as you go; upgrade or downgrade available. 

We also ship rentals to Europe.

Why Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback therapy, a non-invasive brain training method, harnesses the power of EEG technology to monitor brain waves and guide your mind towards optimal functioning. This innovative approach to wellness has been shown to improve focus, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance sleep quality, and foster overall emotional balance. Imagine a life where you and your loved ones can effortlessly achieve a state of mental clarity and calm, paving the way for greater resiliency, productivity, and harmony.

Benefits for Your Entire Family

  • Stress Reduction ↘️
    Reset the brain’s stress, transforming how you react to challenges.
  • Enhanced Focus 😎
    Boost concentration levels for both work and study.
  • Improved Sleep 🛏️
    Experience an easier time falling asleep and more restful sleep.
  • Emotional Balance ☯️
    Cultivate greater emotional stability and resilience, strengthening family bonds.
  • Improved Sensory Processing 👴
    Down-regulate sensory overload.
  • Cognitive Enhancement 😀
    Unlock creativity and problem-solving skills, empowering you to excel in all areas of life.
  • Brain Rehabilitation ⁉️
    Support the brain’s learning and recovery post- concussion or stroke.

How It Works

Our neurofeedback rental service is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Personalized Setup 💻
    Receive a custom-tailored neurofeedback setup, complete with easy-to-follow instructions and ongoing support.
  • Flexible Scheduling 📅
    Conduct sessions at your convenience, allowing for a stress-free integration into your family’s routine.
  • Progress Tracking 👣
    Monitor improvements with detailed reports, enabling you to see the tangible benefits of your neurofeedback journey.
boy sleeping during neuroptimal home session

Short-term goals

  • School issues / ADHD
  • Night terrors / Bedwetting
  • Sensory processing regulation
  • Emotional regulation 
  • Improve trauma trigger reactions
  • Post-concussion support
  • Stress headaches
woman enjoying a neurofeedback session using the neuroptimal braintrainer at home

Long-term reasons

  • Peak performance throughout school years
  • Ongoing stressors
  • Anti-aging
  • Support for long-term emotional issues and trauma
  • Chronic Illness Support
  • Support for long-term anxiety
  • Chronic Stress

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Why Rent a Home Neurofeedback System

How is it possible to do neurofeedback training at home? Do I need a brain map?

The latest generation called Dynamical neurofeedback, which is fully automated and uses real-time data to provide feedback, does not require setting protocols and, therefore, is appropriate for home use. It is designed to be used by clinicians and directly by consumers. Currently the only Dynamical system is NeurOptimal®.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, which is designed with unique technology called AutoNav. AutoNav allows for each session to be uniquely designed to give feedback to the client based on the dysfunction shown in the EEG output of the brain in real-time. AutoNav does not require the user to set any protocols; the system software calculates when to give feedback so running successful sessions every time at home or in an office is possible


Watch on YouTube: Do I Need a Brain Map?

Is home neurofeedback worth the money?

Home neurofeedback is much less expensive than doing sessions in an office setting. Office sessions cost anywhere from $125-$300 depending on location and expertise of the trainer conducting the sessions. It can be a lot to spend if you are not sure neurofeedback is right for you. For example, NeurOptimal® home neurofeedback sessions can cost as little as $30 a session. There is still a financial investment as most rentals are by the month, but the cost of conducting a series of brain training sessions is much more economical at home.

What are the drawbacks of home neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback at home can be for everyone but it is inefficient if we don’t make the time to run sessions or train long enough! Setting a schedule like you would if you had an office appointment is a good strategy. We recommend 3 or more sessions on a weekly basis per person. Our happiest clients train 2-3 months or more.

Home neurofeedback is also not the best choice if you are training on an inferior product that is not designed to create the specific long-term improvements.



How many neurofeedback sessions should I do?

Is neurofeedback covered by insurance?

Check with your insurance company to see if it covers neurofeedback.  Most insurance consider it “experimental” and don’t cover it.  The good news is that an out-of-pocket home rental is roughly the same cost per session of a co-pay.

What is included in the home neurofeedback rental

Our rental units provide the exact same training as offered by neurofeedback centers or therapy offices that provide NeurOptimal@ sessions.

The rental include

  • All of the equipment and supplies needed to do neurofeedback training at home
  • 1-2 jars of conductive paste (depending on which plan).
  • Latest NeurOptimal 3 software
  • NeurOptimal technician tested and checked
  • Printed step-by-step manual (exclusive to Neurofeedback Training Co.) and access to our set-up videos
  • Self-reporting checklist forms

Headphones are not included nor required. Any earbuds or regular wired headphones can be used if you prefer them instead of the system's speakers.

High-speed internet access is recommended in case you require technical support.


NeurOptimal 3 software features

Why rent from us?

  • We've been renting out home systems successfully since 2011
  • All systems are up-to-date  by a NeurOptimal technician and include the latest version; NeurOptimal 3
  • Guaranteed Rental Experience: If a rental system is not running properly, we will arrange a remote support call with a NeurOptimal technician. If the problem is not resolved, we’ll put your rental period on "pause" until we have sent you a replacement system.
  • Experienced Neurofeedback Rental Coaches who are also training themselves. Read Amy's experience and neurofeedback results.
  • Receive customized neurofeedback training tips. As a renter, you are entitled to a 20-minute call with a trainer each week.
  • Training as a family? You can read this article to get the most out of your home neurofeedback experience.

How do I learn how to set up the system and EEG sensors?

Doing a NeurOptimal neurofeedback session at home is easy; most people learn how to run sessions in 15-30 minutes. 

Each rental includes a printed manual exclusive to Neurofeedback Training Co. Your rental manager will also email you a 5-minute set-up video. If you need further assistance, your assigned rental manager is also available for a phone consultation.

With the NeurOptimal® system for home use, you only need a comfortable chair, a small table to place the computer, and a mirror for seeing where to attach the head and ear sensors (5 sensors total). The first time you use the system please connect the tablet to you wi-fi (this is to keep the licensing up-to-date).

Then to start the program, you press three buttons on the tablet. That’s it!

How long can I keep the rental for?

After the initial month, you can extend your rental in two week or full-month periods, for as long as you'd like to keep training. If you complete only some of your sessions, we recommend extending. The sessions roll over to the next rental period (except for Unlimited Use Plan). One can upgrade and downgrade as you continue to rent. Two to three months of rental is recommended for best results.

If renting the Unlimited Plan, one can also switch to a long-term lease which is more affordable. 

How many home neurofeedback sessions should I run per week?

We usually recommend three to four home sessions per week per trainee, though you can train every day if you so wish as this neurofeedback training is 100% non-invasive. The minimum we recommend is twice per week when renting because through the training you are learning a new way of decision making and, like learning a new language, the more frequently the brain practices, the faster we learn.

How do you know if NeurOptimal is working?

 Clients report feeling calmer, relaxed, grounded, less stressed, and more focused. Some clients notice feeling tired. These clients are often chronically ignoring the body's need and request for more sleep.

We ask all clients, regardless of whether they are renting or training in-office, to fill our our checklist and Progress Journal form  every 8-10 sessions. 

Our clients who fill them out see better results when they use the self-reporting checklist as a guidepost.  They benefit in two ways.  This practice leads to optimized and individualized training that fits our clients' needs. Rather than follow a prescribed amount, clients discover how many sessions are right for them and their children.  

Learn more:

How will I know if Neurofeedback is working?

Can I buy my own neurofeedback machine?

Yes, as NeurOptimal sales representatives, we help clients with buying the neurofeedback device. Often, our clients rent for a month first and then decide to buy. The rental cost is not applied towards the cost of a new system. 

Buy the equipment

How soon can I get the machine?

After completing reservation and e-contract, expect  2-3 business days shipping time via FedEx.

A complete reservation and signed contract will process your rental quickly. 

View shipping policy here.

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Not sure if neurofeedback is for you?

Watch a Webinar on Neurofeedback!

Learn the basics; How NeurOptimal works, who it is for and how it is different from other types of neurofeedback devices.