NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system is cutting-edge brain training technology designed to create calm, improve mental functioning & enhance your mood. It is fully automated, non-invasive and safe for all ages. 

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How Does NeurOptimal Work?

In this two-minute video, learn how neurofeedback works and why the professional-grade NeurOptimal® system is effective brain training. Continue reading.

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Our Expert Team

Neurofeedback Training Co. began offering brain training using the NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback equipment by Zengar in 2011 after extensive research and evaluation of the different neurofeedback technology. Our main headquarter is in New York City with affiliates in Los Angeles and Denver. As a sales representative for NeurOptimal, we also guide health practitioners in setting up neurofeedback in their clinic.

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Top Training Options & Cost

  1. Rent a home system; Pay $55 or less per session. Multiple people can train together. Same effective neurofeedback sessions as in our clinics. Learn more
  2. Buy a unit for home or professional use: Cost range from $7,495 and up. Get expert guidance. We help healthcare practitioners bring NeurOptimal to their clinic or therapy practice. Learn more
  3. Schedule a session; Cost per session is $125 and up. We're located in NYC, LA, or Denver.

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Neurofeedback Reviews

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Here is a yelp review from a mother and teenage son training together for 4  months:

The training greatly helped my son who has severe anxiety relax and sleep better. He started sleeping like a baby a few sessions in to our training. I also feel less stressed out since starting using neurofeedback. We will certainly revisit again in the near future.



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