Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer in Colorado

Services: Neurofeedback Home System Rentals for Colorado and Mid-West States


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About Colorado Neurofeedback Trainer Kim

neurofeedback-trainer-rental-coach-kimKim completed her master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology and worked in the management consulting field for over 15 years, primarily analyzing and reporting on personality assessment data for employee selection and development purposes. She took a break from the corporate world following a series of challenging life events and began researching ways to manage stress and live a healthier lifestyle. That is when she discovered and started using NeurOptimal® neurofeedback. The sessions offered so many positive benefits for herself and her family members that she decided to change careers, become a certified trainer and focus on sharing the gift of neurofeedback with others. She manages home system rentals throughout the Midwest region and is happy to help with any questions individuals may have as they embark on their own transformation journeys.

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