We provide NeurOptimal® sessions and pick up facilities for the home system rentals at several locations in US. We have offices in NYC, Los Angeles (Pasadena) and in Denver and Boulder in Colorado. Neurofeedback and talk therapy session also available at our main location in New York City. 

Can't find neurofeedback near you? Neurofeedback Training Co. also provides NeurOptimal® home unit rentals. Learn more.








32 Union Square East, Suite 1017, New York, NY 10003. 

Office is located in Union Square on Manhattan. (Building is next to Vitamin Shoppe. Take North elevator bank to 10th floor).

Neurofeedback Training Co. NYC

  • Three neurofeedback trainers who are also experienced therapists in our team

  • Sessions available Monday - Saturday and also some evenings

  • Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback can also be combined at this location

Inquire about cost and schedule a session here.
Rentals also available. View cost of a renting a home system here.
neurofeedback-training nyc room

New York Neurofeedback office Clinic and NeurOptimal® at home rentals available


Address: 28 North Oak Ave., Suite 2014, Pasadena, CA 91107

Neurofeedback Training Co. California

  • Sessions are with certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer, Sara St. John.
  • Neurofeedback at home rentals also available.
  • Please note: Pick up location for all home systems rentals are located in Northeast Los Angeles (Mt. Washington & Highland Park area).
  • Contact Sara for more information and check our rental cost and packages here.

Schedule your first NeurOptimal session here.

Pasadena Neurofeedback Training office in California

Pasadena Neurofeedback Training office location


Address: 4236 Piedra Pl. Boulder, Colorado 80302

Pick up location for Colorado Neurofeedback Rentals at 1113 Spruce Street, S. 406, Boulder CO 80302.

Neurofeedback Training Co. Colorado

Sessions are with Certified Neurofeedback Trainer Joy Om. Learn more about Joy here.

Special offer for Boulder Neurofeedback. Click here to get two NeurOptimal sessions at reduced cost.

Home systems available in Boulder as well as Denver. Learn more here.

Denver, Colorado

Address: 19647 Solar Cir B-101, Parker, CO 80134 (sessions only)

North Denver zip code 80211 (pick up location for rentals). Address will be given upon reservation.

Neurofeedback Training Co. Denver, Colorado

Home Rentals: If located in Denver, residents may pick up the home rental system in North Denver or have  it shipped via FedEx at a flat-rate of $75 (includes return). Learn about our plans and pricing here

Sessions: Schedule an in-person session with Jennifer our Neurofeedback Trainer in Denver. Learn how much a session cost here.


Neurofeedback at Home Rental Equipment


If not close to a neurofeedback clinic, consider renting a home unit. Same effective neurofeedback training but at a more affordable price. Pick up the equipment at any of our locations for free or have it shipped directly to your home for a small fee. Learn more >