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Hear from parents, individuals, and healthcare workers below. 

Beth in New York:

“I started with NeurOptimal® sessions at the New York office and then decided to rent to save money. The results are awesome. After 3 months of training it's been a great tool for managing my stress and improving my sleep habits."



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NeurOptimal® review from Casey, a parent with small children: 

"This was a wonderful experience! We rented a unit for 6 weeks and used it as a family and I noticed that I was much calmer and less reactive after the 6 weeks. It was very easy to do and I started seeing it as relaxing "me time". My husband said he was more focused and my son said he "felt happier". We will definitely be renting from Sara on a yearly basis for "boosters". I highly recommend this if you feel anxious, reactive or have some internal tension you want to work through. =)"

–C.L, Los Angeles, CA. Rented a system for 1,5 months, Spring 2021. Yelp review

Lucy, a young professional in NYC decided to train at home to cope with stress during COVID-19 pandemic:

“NeurOptimal was game changing for me. By having 2-3 sessions per week over a several month period, I was able to train my mind to differentiate normal/optimal states from stress states. I have seen a long term impact and now make decisions every day being more aware of my anxiety and alignment level with every decision and action which has been of tremendous benefit in all aspects of my life. I continue to come in for ' weekly bliss' sessions at the NYC office as I noticed it helps my mood and keep my stress levels low.”

– L, NYC. Came in for a session first and then decided to rent (Spring 2021).

Michael and Tracey, a married couple who trained together for two months:

"My wife and I rented the neurofeedback at home training kit for two months during the first coronavirus pandemic lockdown in Los Angeles, and we have both noticed differences, big and small. Personally, it has been easier to focus, and I find myself being able to stop negative thought patterns in their tracks, when those same thoughts used to spiral out of control and usually ruin my day/week. It's a subtle change, but it is certainly noticeable, and has definitely made an impact on my mental wellbeing. My wife has noticed a lighter, improved mood and is falling asleep faster. We've also both been less reactive and more able to access our "logical brains," which has brought a wonderful sense of ease into our lives. Overall, we'd recommend the program and working with Sara, and we plan to do some booster sessions in the future."

– M. Pasadena, California (Winter 2020-2021). See Yelp review

Nancy, rented for two months for stress and sleep: 

“I rented a device for 2 months It was easy to set up as they have a book included and videos online that explain how to connect the EEG electrodes and run the session. Within a few sessions, I felt less lethargic throughout the day. My sleep also got better (falling a sleep faster), and I would wake up with less “grogginess”.

Also, my stress levels throughout the day dropped (but it still can come up during stressful times, but I am learning to work on that with mindfulness techniques!). I am looking to rent again in the future when I can afford it and give time for these past 2 months of brain training to synchronize with my life.

I can highly recommend NeurOptimal® and friends of mine who have just started doing it also have been having good results. One of my friends had issues with traditional QEEG neurofeedback and she found NeurOptimal® to be much gentler and relaxing!”

N. North Carolina, (Fall 2020)

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Neurofeedback for Kids - Reviews from Parents

Chris and Paige, mother and 10-year old both trained for 6 months, 2-3 times a week:

"Neurofeedback has literally changed my daughter's life. We have seen so many positive shifts her overall wellbeing and focus at school."




May, a mom, explaining how it helped Ben, her 16-year-old son with emotional regulation:

"In the beginning the benefits of the training would last for a bit, but then revert back. However, after 8 sessions it lasted for 2 days. After session 11, I noticed a significant improvement - he came downstairs later in the day and said he was just able to sit and work on a project he had been avoiding for 2 days. He’s now been getting himself up in the morning by 9am to work on a song writing instead of sleeping until 12pm and being mad at himself later. Also, he's been able to make himself go to bed at a reasonable hour. Other changes I have noticed with him are that he is softer, more open, far less easily irritated, and is starting to seek out conversation and connection with us. Yesterday after he told me about being able to focus more I was amazed. When he left the room I sat on the couch and cried from relief because I realized he could now potentially have quality relationships and attachments. This is definitely a game changer. I am sold."

Family in Florida rented a unit first and then decided to buy a system.

Jessica, a mother of a 11 year-old:

My kid loves it! This is the third Saturday we are here and the kid said the music makes her "smarter". She seems to be more open and confident these days. The trainer here is professional, warm and very​ patient to all of our questions. Looking forward to having more sessions!

– Jessica, NYC (Yelp Review)

Lashona, mother rented a system for three generations of family members:

mother-and-child-holding-hands"Hi - I'm happy to share my own experience as I got better results than I expected. I have a toddler that had trouble going to sleep at night. Every night at 10 pm, she started crying out loud and couldn't stop until 1 am. She used to take a break and start crying all over again around 4 am lol. 2 weeks after initiating the neurofeedback therapy, she started going to bed around 9 pm and eventually 8 pm. Sometimes she used to fall asleep during the therapy. I have another child that was getting poor grades at school. He had trouble focusing and critical thinking was a challenge for him. He started the therapy as well. His grades are improving and he loves participating in class now. Finally, my mom. She didn't have energy to do anything around the house. I told her about the neurofeedback therapy and at first she didn't believe in it. When she saw the little one going to sleep earlier, she decided to give it a try. She said that she started feeling better after 2 sessions. Now she gets up every morning and spends more time with us. Thank you for coming up with this beautiful technology and making it available families in need like mine. You definitely changed our lives. As a main caregiver, I really want to thank you for making our lives easier and more enjoyable. You guys were definitely an option that we didn't know about. I wish we would've done it long time ago. Thank you again.

– L. Fontana, CA. Rented Unlimited Plan for three months in September 2020. Read Yelp Review


Frank, a teacher with teenage kids training together:

"I rented a unit for six weeks and did sessions every other day, as did my 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son. I primarily rented to the unit for my children, but decided to also use it myself. It was easy to set up and use. My children did around 20 training sessions and I did 25. I noticed my daughter became more relaxed and balanced and my son was more energetic and verbally expressive. I also felt a shift in myself toward being more relaxed and able to handle challenges. Besides parenting I am a teacher, so being able to stay present and at ease during chaos is super important and I notice a nice change in this regard. Overall, I believe it was worthwhile to rent the unit and we achieved some positive shifts in our family."

– F. in San Diego, California (Google Review)

Mary, renting a home system for her family and son:

 "We saw much improvement in our overall state of being. My son requested a session the other day and was sad to hear that it was returned!"
– Mary, Washington State (rented a system, unlimited plan for a month)


Amy, a mom, and her two sons:

"I decided to try neurofeedback after a friend told me how it helped her and suggested it to help me manage stress. After my first session, I felt relaxed and took a nap for the first time in years and slept soundly that night (I guess my brain needed sleep!). After a few more sessions, I noticed a subtle shift, mostly an increased ability to focus. I brought my boys, ages 7 and 9, in for a session. They both said they felt relaxed after and I noticed too that they were calmer and happier."

– Amy, Los Angeles - 5 sessions in office session (Pasadena), and rented a home system for two months

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Reviews from Health Care Practitioners & Therapists

"As a psychology student, I know how important it is to keep my brain resilient and flexible in order to effectively respond to various situations. Luckily, Neurofeedback enabled me to achieve this target. To be honest, I didn't see immediate results after 1-2 sessions like most of the users do, but I did see the difference after 3 sessions. I found that my working memory and quality of sleep have been greatly improved. More importantly, I like how this brain training enhances my cognitive processing speed and executive function. Especially, I feel that I am less hesitant and take more timely actions than before when facing certain situations that require quick responses."

Grace, NeurOptimal Trainer at Neurofeedback Training Co. NYC (3 months and ongoing weekly sessions)

woman listening to music during neuroptimal session"After about a month of my weekly, sometimes twice-weekly summer neurofeedback therapy sessions, I was feeling more relaxed, the tension was releasing in my body, but also in my mind. I was focused and alert, but not in the usual hyper-vigilant way I had grown accustomed to as a stressed city dweller."

– Alison, Clinical Social Worker/ NeurOptimal Trainer at Neurofeedback Training Co. in NYC (2 months and ongoing)


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"After just three NeurOptimal sessions, I'm feeling more focused and clear. As a mental health professional, I initially felt hesitant to try something external to assist my cognitive process, but I'm amazed at the immediacy of the results. The NeurOptimal Neurofeedback system seems to offers a shift by working with the areas that govern attention, a key component to both analytic and emotional processing. Based on my own experience, I highly recommend as a tool and supplement to therapy."  

 – Janet, NY (Rented a Home System for 2 months)

neurofeedback-sensor-placement-neuroptimal-at-home-IMG_2670-950px"I must say, I was skeptical at first. Having a background in psychology, I was wary of Neurofeedback. Well, at least 15 sessions later, I am sold! I find my concentration levels improving, ability to understand and retain information while studying has increased, and I have more natural and restful sleep cycles---all adding up to a more relaxed feeling throughout my day. These sessions are well worth my time because in the long run, I feel much more clarity and am able to sharply assess where to focus my energy."

Jenny, Art Therapist and Meditation Teacher, 15 + ongoing sessions in Los Angeles, CA

Boulder neurofeedback trainer Joy Om"I added NeurOptimal Neurofeedback to my practice in order to help optimize and integrate the functioning of the nervous system within the physical, mental and emotional dynamics. I also particularly enjoy working with children and adolescents who often respond quite quickly to training."

– Joy Om, Boulder Neurofeedback Trainer

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Clients who started With Protocol Neurofeedback and Switched to NeurOptimal®

"Before NeurOptimal, I was doing a different type of neurofeedback (linear neurofeedback). First, I was on the wrong protocol and then the second protocol gave me horrible side effects. I feel so much safer doing Neurooptimal and loving my sessions. I'm already noticing improvement; more restful sleep, feeling less anxious in usual triggered situations. I am also noticing some subtle improvements in some issues that have given me trouble for a long time. I am excited to see what improvements more sessions will bring. Thanks for all of your help!"

– A., San Francisco, California

"I did 10 sessions of protocol neurofeedback before I found NeurOptimal. It was very expensive (around $3K with brain mapping and each session was $175) so I started to look for an alternative. I searched for neurofeedback near me and found Neurofeedback Training Co. and NeurOptimal. I came in for a session first to try it, and noticed a change right away, feeling more alert and focused and not so stressed out. I then rented for a month and loved it so much that I decided to I buy a unit. Yes, it costs alot but it's an investment for my wellbeing and is  one of the best I wished I had known about NeurOptimal before!"

– H. Los Angeles, California

"I rented a device for 2 months from Neurofeedback Training in NYC. It was easy to set up as they have a book included and videos online that explain how to connect the electrodes and run the session. Within a few sessions, I felt less lethargic throughout the day. My sleep also improved, where I would wake up with less grogginess. Also, my anxiety level throughout the day dropped (but it still can come up during stressful times, but I am learning to work on that with mindfulness techniques). I am looking to rent again in the future when I can afford it and give time for these past 2 months of brain training to synchronize with my life. I can highly recommend Neuroptimal and friends of mine who have just started doing it also have been having good results. One of my friends had issues with traditional QEEG therapy and she found NeurOptimal to be much gentler and relaxing!"

– S, Florida, Google Review

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Neurofeedback for Focus

Connie, and Sofia, her 9-year-old daughter:

"I was looking for alternative ways for my daughter to help her improve focus. My daughter has now done 10 sessions (training once per week) at the office in NYC. I have seen her gain the ability to focus better, resolve issues better and take on tasks with less worry. I then personally began sessions of Neurofeedback for myself, hoping to reduce stress. I now feel a sense of distance from worrying and fearful thoughts and triggers that I previously did not have. This distance allows me to approach an issue from a tactical stand point, working toward resolution, rather than overwhelming me. Both of our sessions are still ongoing, and we look forward to future results."

C., Georgia, 10 Neurofeedback Sessions & ongoing (Parent to a 9 year old child)

Dave, a law-student seeking to improve his focus and to help him study for his bar exam:

"I was seeking a way to increase my focus and deal with stress around studying for my bar exam. I had read excellent reviews on the NeurOptimal system and was keen on giving it a try. I tried a few in-office sessions first in Pasadena with Sara to see how it would work for me, then decided to rent. I had two months of intense studying and the neurofeedback training really helped me to stay on track with my studies. I also noticed an increase in my overall wellbeing and mood. During the exam, while others were noticeable stressed-out, I on the other hand was calm and focused and more in-the moment. I'm very happy that I had the ability to train my brain while studying and would highly recommend this to anyone who want to boost their self-confidence and focus."


– Dave, Los Angeles

Gen, a psychology student in NYC:

"I found that my working memory and quality of sleep have been greatly improved." 
G., New York, View Google Review

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Reviews from Clients Who rented a Home System

Sue, after a month of neurofeedback training:

"This is by far the best investment in self improvement I have ever made! I don't lose my temper at the drop of a pin anymore. I still get annoyed or upset, but I haven't yelled, felt overwhelmed, or flooded since I rented the system."

– Sue, California, (Yelp Review)

Tim, a 53-year-old sales executive, after training three times a week for two months:

"The first change that I noticed during the two months of renting the neurofeedback machine training consistently, was an improvement in word recall and articulation. I experienced this after the first 5-6 sessions.  Since then I have also noticed improved attention and find myself getting 'lost' (in a good way) in my work a bit more often than I used to. I did not see an improvement in sleep patterns. I actually have been having more trouble with sleep than usual but I am attributing that to some other health issues in my life. However, I have noticed an increased resilience to lack of sleep. Losing a couple hours of sleep has far less of an impact on my productivity and quality of life than usual. I am not sure if this is a good thing or if it can be attributed to neurofeedback but it has been a clear and definite change worth noting. In addition to these observations, NeurOptimal sessions are just flat-out relaxing and enjoyable and I am glad I got the chance to give it a try! I have had 2 or 3 pretty serious bumps to my head in my life and based on the research I have come across, neurofeedback is one on the best ways to mitigate the downstream neurological effects."

– Tim, New Jersey

E, who started with in-office sessions and then rented a unit:

"After 4 sessions with a local Neurofeedback specialist to help with anxiety, I was sold on the potential benefits of the technology, but not yet ready to invest thousands of dollars (not to mention time away from work) to do a full treatment program. Hooray for Neurofeedback Training Co! With their home rental system I am saving quite a bit of money on the total cost of treatment AND I can do it from the comfort of my own home, after business hours. After a total of 12 sessions I am seeing a variety of positive benefits including falling asleep faster, decreased sensitivity to triggers, and a quicker recovery from bouts of anxious feelings. In general I feel more stable and "myself" which translates to the ability to be more present with my wife and son. Neurofeedback training with the NeurOptimal system has been a key tool for me in my journey of performance anxiety, and I look forward to each session. I can't wait to see where I'm at once I hit the 20 session mark."
– E. MA, Google Review

John, and his teenage daughter rented for 2 months and saw results in emotional wellbeing and focus:

"I found you [Neurofeedback Training Co.] while doing some research on neurofeedback via Google. I originally heard about neurofeedback while listening to Bessel Van Der Kolk's book "The Body Keeps the Score". I was primarily looking for a way to manage my stress and emotional wellbeing– and I must say it helped. Not only for me but for my family as well. After only a few sessions my family were noticing and commenting on a change in mood and focus. My wife and 17-year old teenage daughter also did a set of sessions. Not as many as I did. At first, my teenager was hesitant as it is a bit time consuming. But then I learned that you could do other things while training. She would watch a movie or play a game on her iphone while training and then she became less resistant and noticed she became happer, less moody and slept better. We enjoyed the overall neurofeedback training experience and am happy we tried it. We will rent again."
– John, Oregon

 Chris, rented for 2.5 months:

AFTER 3 WEEKS (July, 2020)
I've done 10 sessions now
I've been home more than I expected or wanted
I've been doing them about 36 hrs apart +or-
I've noticed a few things
meditating is much easier quieter
whats happening to that monkey
I think my mind is getting quieter overall, a little amazing
just so I understand, we are going by the month not how many sessions 
in a month?
AFTER 1.5 MONTHS (August, 2020)
I wish to renew another month 
I'd like to see where this goes
I'm currently at 17 sessions so if you want me to do another plan I'm fine with it
Anyway I like the brain training, I would like it to stay
longer, scatterbrain being the other brain state
be in touch
AFTER 2.5 MONTHS (September, 2020)


the brain trainer is on it's way back to you 
I wish I had done it a long time ago
absolutely worth it
I've noticed subtile things with focus and attention
and obsessive thinking
I have more control now
much appreciated
– C. Washington State

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Neurofeedback For Sleep Management

"After 5 sessions; I feel relaxed, calm and am sleeping very well."

Kristen in New York, 11 Sessions at the NYC Neurofeedback office

"Aside from rest, neurofeedback is quite possibly the only method that helped feeling more relaxed. After the first four neurofeedback sessions I slept very deeply and felt noticeably better upon awakening.  There was a very marked synchronicity in my sense perceptions and body movement when I walked onto the street after those first couple sessions.  After about five sessions I started to feel noticeably better.  My daily life started to resemble a more normal pattern of daily activities with even some artistic work in the evenings.  I can now do things on the weekends without worrying that I might feel sick or have to sleep most of the day."

* James in NYC, 10 Sessions and ongoing sessions at NYC Neurofeedback office

"I saw improvements with my sleep, then the rest fell into place."

– Jim in Utah, Rented for one month

"For years I’ve been waking up during the night unable to get back to sleep as my mind races with random thoughts. Throughout the day the same thing would happen, my mind had a mind of its own! I’d heard about neuro-feedback but had never tried it. I was shocked by the immediate difference after my first session, on the drive home the colors seemed brighter, everything looked clearer than before, I thought I was imagining things. But that night, I had the most restful sleep I’ve had in years and that continues to be the case. I find my mind not racing anymore during the day and I feel more present, not constantly worried about things I have no control over. There is a sense of well being and calm that didn’t exist before. I am amazed at the results and feel so grateful to have discovered this treatment. I highly recommend it!"

– Carla, Los Angeles, CA (rented a system for 2 months, and re-rented after 1 year for 1 month)

"I reached a new level of calm after biofeedback [Neurofeedback Training]. My brain definitely felt like it got a 'workout' in a good way, and it improved my sleep patterns. Alex [NYC neurofeedback trainer] himself is a calm and kind presence and enhanced the whole experience."

– Kathy in NYC, Read the Google Review

"I had heard about neurofeedback from a friend years ago and since then always wanted to try it. When I saw that neurofeedback training was available in LA and also close to my home in Northeast LA I decided to give it a try and I am very pleased by the results. I do a lot for my health; I exercise and eat healthy. But I instantly knew neurofeedback training worked for me because after only a few sessions I remembered my dreams for the first time in years."

– Diana in Los Angeles, 10 Sessions (Pasadena in-office sessions)

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Neurofeedback for Stress Management

"After a neurofeedback session, I feel more calm and grounded, and find that problems are affecting me less. The subtle feeling of being more present lasts, and having once had several weekly sessions, an occasional refresher session helps me retrieve that state more easily."

– Michael, Maryland, 10 Sessions

"Neurofeedback has been a great tool for managing my stress and improving my sleep; I don't wake up at night as often and I feel rested when waking up."

– M. Nevada., 20 sessions 

"I was looking for neurofeedback near me and then learned that I could rent a system. It was easy to use and more affordable for me.  I would also say it was more effective than protocol neurofeedback (I tried that twice and got side-effects and had to stop). But now after training with the NeurOptimal neurofeedback system for two months, 3 times per week, I feel calmer and more joyful and not so anxious."

– Valerie, Arizona

"I find my concentration levels improving, ability to understand and retain information while studying has increased, and I have a more restful sleep –all adding up to a more relaxed feeling throughout my day."

– Janet, North Carolina, 25 Sessions

"I recently had an accident and could not believe how out of synch and disoriented I felt. After days of feeling sick and fatigued, I made my way to Neurofeedback Training Co. in NYC. It was like night and day! After just my first session I felt significantly more grounded and centered, more in control of the connection between my mind and body. Head injuries are quite scary, so it was a huge relief to have such an enjoyable and effective path to recovery. I continued with the neurofeedback training sessions once per week and was amazed to see improvements in my sleeping pattern, and my general focus. I highly recommend training your brain with the NeurOptimal system at their office in NYC. This training is for those who want to feel more focused, relaxed, and clear-minded."

— Gina, NYC client

"I almost couldn't believe how helpful the team at Neurofeedback Training Co. is. From my very first session, they made me feel safe and prepared for a change! After having a few sessions at the office I decided to rent a machine to train at home. I would do it again in a heart beat. Highly recommend Natalie Baker!"

– Aron. , NYC Client and also a Home Unit Renter

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