Buy a Neurofeedback System For Your Practice 

Expand your therapy practice or health-care clinic to include the state-of-the-art NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training.


We will help you select the right system for you, walk you through the purchase, and how to become certified as a trainer, and make sure you are up and running quickly.neurofeedback-training-co-founder-natalie-baker-neuroptimal-sales-rep-since-2012

Fill out the form on this page and Natalie Baker, NeurOptimal® Sales Representative and Advanced NeurOptimal trainer in New York, will get back to you to schedule a call.

Interested in Buying a NeurOptimal® System? 

Neurofeedback Cost

NeurOptimal® Professional Unit: $9,995* Starting Price

The NeurOptimal® Unlimited License System includes everything you need to set up in your practice. No on-going subscription fees.

No-Interest Financing available!

For any questions or to get started with the purchase, fill out the form on this page.

What's Included in the Price?

  • All equipment you need to start training
  • Three months of a full service PASS membership
  • Expert training and support available

Learn about becoming a neurofeedback trainer here.



Why Choose The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback System? 

One reason is the ease of setting up and running successful sessions every time.  The NeurOptimal® device is a fully automated system, thanks to the software feature: AutoNav.  This feature allows for less training needed before you are running effective sessions, and considerably less time spent on on-going evaluation of your clients rather than helping them.  This neurofeedback device and training is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of conditions.

In November 2018, The FDA designated NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback as a General Wellness Product. Read NeurOptimal FDA statement here.


Why Add Neurofeedback Training To Your Health Care Practice or Clinic?

  • Earn passive income through rental units: both you and your clients benefit! (Ask Natalie more about this feature.)
  • Supporting the overall brain wellness of your client helps facilitate the changes you want from therapy.
  • Pays for itself quickly. One neurofeedback client per week at paying $125/session would pay for your monthly installments!


Not Ready to Buy? Consider Renting a Neurofeedback System


Try a NeurOptimal® a system rental before purchasing. We offer easy 2-day shipping anywhere in U.S. or Canada (New Yorkers may pick it up for free at our Union Square, NYC location). View pricing.

Schedule a session. We're located in NYC, Denver and Los Angeles Pasadena). View cost.

If you want to rent a Professional Unit to use for the certification training by NeurOptimal®, please notify us one month ahead as we at times have a waitlist. Fill out our form here to start the renting process. Please add in comment field what date your NeurOptimal® Certification Training will be.

Protocol or Non-Linear? Compare Neurofeedback Equipment! Learn the difference.


Fill out the form on this page and let us know if you are interested in renting a professional system before making the decision to buy!