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Like our bodies, every brain needs training to perform at its best 

Since 2012, we have been offering neurofeedback services to thousands of professionals, individuals, and families.

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Neurofeedback is science-based and non-invasive

designed to Change brainwaves

And Give You Your Best Mental Performance and Emotional Health 


Who benefits from neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback benefits a wide range of individuals, including those struggling with stress, anxiety, ADHD, sleep, and performance issues. It's particularly effective for people seeking non-invasive methods to improve mental clarity, focus, emotional balance, and overall brain function. Whether you're looking to enhance cognitive performance, manage symptoms of specific conditions, or simply achieve a greater sense of well-being, neurofeedback offers a tailored, drug-free brain training to achieve better brain health.  Disclaimer: our neurofeedback is brain training and not treatment for any medical conditions.

Neurofeedback For Professionals

Neurofeedback For Professionals

Enhance your practice

Expand your practice to include state-of-the-art NeurOptimal® neurofeedback
Neurofeedback For Families

Neurofeedback For Families

Bringing Harmony to Your Home

Our affordable neurofeedback is safe for all ages. We help families with a variety of needs from school performance to anxiety and stress.
Neurofeedback For Peak Performance

Neurofeedback For Peak Performance

Max Potential or Anti-Aging

Used by professional athletes, creatives and anyone wanting to perform mentally and emotionally at their best throughout life.
Neurofeedback for Symptom Support

Neurofeedback for Symptom Support

Get Relief

Neurofeedback can help you live a better life with ADHD, anxiety, head injury, seizures and more.

How Does Neurofeedback Help With Sleep?

Neurofeedback helps with sleep by providing real-time feedback to the brain about its activity, enabling it to recognize and modify brainwave patterns associated with poor sleep, such as stress and anxiety. This brain training process encourages the development of healthier sleep patterns by teaching the brain to relax and transition more easily into restful states. Over time, neurofeedback can help reduce sleep disturbances, improve sleep quality, and increase the efficiency of sleep by directly influencing the brain's ability to self-regulate and maintain a balanced state, leading to more restorative sleep cycles.

How Does Neurofeedback Help With Sleep?

How Does Neurofeedback Help With Focus?

Neurofeedback enhances focus by teaching the brain to recognize and adjust its patterns of distraction or hyperactivity through real-time feedback on its activity. It guides the brain towards states of calm and concentration, fostering an environment where focus is more easily achieved and sustained. This process not only improves neural plasticity and the ability to maintain attention but also calms the brainwaves associated with impulsivity, reducing impulsive behaviors and enhancing cognitive control. As a result, individuals experience improved focus and attention management, with neurofeedback facilitating a natural optimization of the brain's functioning.

How Does Neurofeedback Help With Focus?

How Does Neurofeedback Help With Anxiety and Emotional Regulation?

Neurofeedback assists in emotional regulation by teaching the brain to identify and modulate brainwave patterns triggered by events, which often lead to habitual fight, flight, or freeze emotional reactions. By calming and resetting these patterns, neurofeedback gradually enhances the brain's ability to respond more adaptively to stressors, improving mood stability and emotional resilience over time.

Neurofeedback Help With Anxiety and Emotional Regulation

From Emotional Dysregulation To Creating Emotional Stability - Learn How! 

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Who benefits from neurofeedback

Is Neurofeedback A Sham?

Neurofeedback is not a sham, but a neuroscience-based technique designed to enhance brain function through real-time feedback. Numerous scientific studies support its efficacy for conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, and sleep disorders. However, like any intervention, not everyone is responsive to neurofeedback, so it's crucial to research and consult healthcare professionals to determine if it's a suitable option. Recognizing its limitations and the need for further research is important to fully understand its benefits and what to expect.

What Age Is Best For Neurofeedback?

Children generally respond faster to neurofeedback because they have more unassigned neurons and their brains are still developing, offering greater neuroplasticity. This heightened adaptability allows their brains to more easily reorganize and form new connections, making them more receptive to the adjustments encouraged by neurofeedback training. The research shows the brain can adapt and improve at any age, so those who are interested should engage in brain training.

Is There Anyone Who Should Not Do Neurofeedback?

Most individuals can safely undergo neurofeedback without adverse effects, as it is a non-invasive method of promoting brain health. However, certain conditions may warrant caution or consultation with a healthcare provider before starting neurofeedback. These include individuals with a history of seizures or epilepsy, implanted medical devices or serious psychiatric conditions, it's essential to proceed under medical supervision. Additionally, individuals seeking a quick fix for long-term emotional or sleep issues should educate themselves about neurofeedback to align their expectations with the realistic timeframe of changes, as improvements may be gradual and require consistent sessions.

If you want to give yourself or a loved one the best chance to heal physically, mentally or emotionally neurofeedback is for you!

Don’t wait, schedule your free consultatin today!

Don’t wait, schedule your free consultatin today!