Suffering from stage fright? Learn how to cope with performance anxiety with neurofeedback training. Training your brain with the NeurOptimal system can help alleviate your stress levels and improve your focus.

Watch our success story from Jenny below and read commonly asked questions how it works and what the benefits are below.

Video Review: What Are The Benefits With NeurOptimal

In this video, Jenny explains how training with the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback System helped alleviating her stress levels and agonizing thoughts and some other surprising shifts. Jenny trained consistently for a six months period (twice per month) at our NYC Clinic.


Video: How Does NeurOptimal Work?

Neurofeedback Training with the NeurOptimal® system reorganizes the brain to operate more efficiently. It is used by thousands of people to bring more ease, joy and peace into their lives.

The NeurOptimal system is a non-invasive brain training method that teaches self-regulation and helps build resilience and flexibility. This advanced brain training technology -- developed in part by, NASA-level engineers -- works by triggering what’s called the orienting response, which is the brain’s ability to sense change in the environment and take in new information about what is different. 


Watch this explainer video from NeurOptimal®



What Results Can I Expect With Neurofeedback Training?

stress-management-neurofeedback-session-with-alisonThere is no standard answer to these questions because everyone’s central nervous system is unique. While we cannot predict what your brain will do with the information it receives from the neurofeedback therapy training, we can offer a few guidelines.

Clients describe after a neurofeedback session feeling clearer, calmer, lighter or brighter for a few hours after the session – a feeling that typically will last through the week, from one session to the next (weekly sessions being the most common). Eventually, this new centered way of being becomes their “new normal”. Only if they get thrown off by a negative event  - a bad day at work, chemicals, a knock on the head - might they drop into the way they felt before. But generally, they will not dip as deeply into emotional discomfort and will more than likely bounce back from challenging situations much more quickly and easily. Here's what one of our client's feedback.

“The process is deceptively simple — being hooked up to a neurofeedback device, and sitting quietly. Afterwards there’s a subtle but powerful shift in feeling — I feel more present, and relaxed, and have greater well being. It’s been very effective in working with my anxiety.”


What is the Best Brain Training? – Tips for Consumers


NeurOptimal Reviews

Here’s a recent review from one of our rental clients:

“I rented a Neurofeedback machine for 3 months and have been very pleased with the results. I feel calmer and more focused. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity. Sara and Kate were wonderful and responsive. Thank you very much.”


A Therapist's Review; What I Discovered

Commonly Asked Questions About Neurofeedback

Training with The NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback System

Are There Any Side Effects?

No, training with the dynamical NeurOptimal neurofeedback system does not create side effects. It's 100% non-invasive brain training. The system purely gives feedback to the brain about it's moment-to-moment brain wave activity and it will start to correct the ones that are maladaptive. Learn more about the system we use and a comparison chart of other neurofeedback systems.

Can I Train Neurofeedback When I’m Pregnant?

Yes, absolutely. One important aspect to know about true neurofeedback devices such as NeurOptimal is that nothing is added to your system and therefore it's 100% safe. To learn how it works, and what sets NeurOptimal apart from other neurofeedback devices, see this page. Also, our NY neurofeedback trainer did neurofeedback while pregnant. Watch this video of her discussing the positive effects of neurofeedback training

How Much Does Neurofeedback Cost And What Are My Training Options?

If renting your own system, you can train as low as $40 per session. Minimum rental is one month and can be extended as long as you wish. The neurofeedback package plans range from $600 to $900. Renting a home system is the most cost-effective option. Learn more.

You can also schedule a session at one of our locations. Cost per session range from $125 and up. First time clients get a discount on the first session. If scheduling a session, our Clinic in NYC, also provide combined neurofeedback and talk therapy.

The equipment is also available for purchase and cost range from $7000 and up. Learn more.




NeurOptimal® has been designated a General Wellness Product by the FDA.