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Learn how much neurofeedback costs, how it works and the best training options. We offer NeurOptimal Sessions in Denver and Boulder as well as neurofeedback equipment for rent or for sale.

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Meet Our Colorado Experts

We have partnered with two NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainers in Colorado, located in Boulder and Denver. Try a session at a reduced price before renting or buying the equipment. An in-person demonstration on how to use the rental equipment is also available when scheduling.

Denver NeurOptimal® Trainer Jennifer Tierney


After being introduced to NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback and having participated in regular sessions, I became a believer and avid supporter of the system and process. So much so, that I decided to become certified and start a neurofeedback practice, leaving behind a life as a senior executive in the corporate world.

Address:  19647 Solar Cir B-101, Parker, CO 80134

Kim Planansky, Colorado & Mid-West Rental Manager


Kim Planansky, MA is a certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback trainer and rental manager for the Midwest region. She holds a Master's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Minnesota State University. Prior to receiving her training certification, she had been working in the management consulting field over 15 years, primarily analyzing and reporting on personality assessment data for employee selection and development purposes. She brings a holistic approach to her work and has a passion for helping people embark on personal transformation journeys through neurofeedback so they can be at their physical, mental and emotional best.

Start Your Transformation Today!

How much is a neurofeedback session?

A regular NeurOptimal® Session in Denver or Boulder, Colorado costs around $130. 

How much does it cost to rent a neurofeedback home system?

The cost of renting a neurofeedback machine for home use range from $650-950/month plus sales tax if located in Colorado, New York, or California. It includes everything you need to do neurofeedback training at home. If renting a home system for a month, cost per session can be as low as $40 or $30 per day depending on what monthly plan you choose.  View pricing here.

Can I change my plan later?

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How much is it to buy a professional-grade neurofeedback system?

If looking to buy a NeurOptimal system for home or professional use, the cost of the system range from $7995 to 10,995. Many decide to rent first and then purchase a device for cost savings.   As sales representatives for the makers of the system, we help both professionals and individuals choose the best option for you.  Click here to learn more.

Why Neurofeedback Training With NeurOptimal®?

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, safe method for restoring serenity, confidence and wellness back into your life.

The neurofeedback equipment was invented by neuropsychologists and clinical psychologist team.  NeurOptimal 3.0 is the only fully-automated dynamical neurofeedback device.

The design goal was to create a system that used precisely timed feedback to interact with the brain’s organic ability to optimize its functioning, thus allowing it to be used safely and effectively at home.  In 2018 the FDA recognized the NeurOptimal system as a General Wellness Device. This designation confirms it as safe and appropriate for home use and with children. 

How long is a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Session?

For in-person sessions, first-time appointments take an hour and subsequent neurofeedback sessions are 45-50 minutes. The NeurOptimal® neurofeedback program itself is 33 minutes long regardless if it is an in-office session or rental session. (The rental provides the exact same training)

Can Neurofeedback Be Harmful?

The NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system is not harmful.  The FDA has approved it as a General Wellness Device, which means it is safe for consumers to use without the oversight of a health care provider.

What Are The Side Effects of Neurofeedback?

The the NeurOptimal system, which is a dynamic neurofeedback system that does not force a state change in brainwave patterns but rather works by giving each brain the millisecond-by-millisecond feedback about its maladaptive patterns.

Given the non-invasive design of the system the term side-effects is not applicable in the same way it is for medications where something is added to the body and could have adverse effects.

An analogue for the feedback process is being seeing your reflection in a mirror.  If you see your head is tilted you'll most likely automatically straighten it. NeurOptimal alerts the brain that it is doing something and each brain will decide how to use the information it is presented with in order to optimize its own functioning.

The most common effect after a neurofeedback session is that clients report feeling calmer and relaxed.  When clients have poor sleep hygiene and are exhausted they will often report feeling tired at the end of the session.  This shift is a result of increased awareness and the client shifting out of a stress response. We coach these clients to pay attention to this shift as a communication of the need for more sleep.