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joy-om-boulder-neurofeedback-trainerNeurOptimal Sessions: Colorado residents can schedule a session with trainer Joy Om, certified NeurOptimal Trainer located in Boulder.: A regular NeurOptimal® Session with Boulder Neurofeedback Trainer Joy cost $130. We offer a special for new clients: Get two sessions for the price of one, save $130 in cost!

Fill out the form to the right to schedule! This special offer is for Boulder sessions. If not located close to Boulder, or want to save in neurofeedback cost, see below to learn how you can rent the system we use in our neurofeedback training centers. 

Location Address: 

4236 Piedra Pl. Boulder, Colorado 80302

How long is a neurofeedback session?

First-time appointments take an hour and subsequent neurofeedback sessions are 45 minutes. The neurofeedback program itself is 33 minutes long. 

About NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer Joy Om: 

"I added NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback to my practice in order to help optimize and integrate the functioning of the nervous system within the physical, mental and emotional dynamics. I also particularly enjoy working with children and adolescents who often respond quite quickly to training."

– Joy Om, Boulder Neurofeedback Trainer.

Neurofeedback At Home

zengar-home-trainer-1The NeurOptimal System we use for sessions is a fully-automated dynamical neurofeedback device and can also be rented monthly. The home system provides the same training as in-office sessions but at a lower cost. It's easy to use and when renting cost per session can be as low as $40 or $60 depending on what monthly plan you choose. Price range from $600 per month to $900 and rental can be extended as long as you wish. We ship the unit directly to your home for a small shipping cost. We're happy to match any price!

View our neurofeedback packages and plans here or reach out to us by filling out the form to the right to inquire.

Denver Residents: The neurofeedback equipment rental can be picked up in Denver for free, and also at 1113 Spruce Street, Suite 406 Boulder CO 80302. Shipment for a rental is $75, both ways.

Neurofeedback Equipment For Sale

As sales representatives for the makers of the system, one can also buy the system from us. The NeurOptimal system is for sale to both professionals and consumers.  The two products are a Professional unit and a Personal home neurofeedback system. The lowest cost of a neurofeedback device is $7000.  Financing available. Learn more

Neurofeedback Review

 I have completed a total of 33 sessions and am a believer of its effectiveness 

neurofeedback-training-graphic-2018-testimonial-V1WHY NEUROFEEDBACK TRAINING WITH NEUROPTIMAL?

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, safe method for restoring serenity, confidence and wellness back into your life.

The neurofeedback equipment was invented by neuropsychologists and clinical psychologist team.  NeurOptimal 3.0 is the only fully-automated dynamical neurofeedback device.

The design goal was to create a system that used precisely timed feedback to interact with the brain’s organic ability to optimize its functioning, thus allowing it to be used safely and effectively at home.  In 2018 the FDA recognized the NeurOptimal system as a General Wellness Device. This designation confirms it as safe and appropriate for home use and with children. Who is neurofeedback for?

Commonly Asked Questions

neurofeedback-training-child-doing-a-neuroptimal-session-at-homeCan neurofeedback be harmful?

The NeurOptimal neurofeedback system is not harmful.  The FDA has approved it as a General Wellness Device, which means it is safe for consumers to use without the oversight of a health care provider.

What are the side effects of neurofeedback?

The the NeurOptimal system, which does not force a state change in brainwave patterns but rather works by giving each brain the millisecond-by-millisecond feedback about its maladaptive patterns.

Given the non-invasive design of the system the term side-effects is not applicable in the same way it is for medications where something is added to the body and could have adverse effects.

An analogue for the feedback process is being seeing your reflection in a mirror.  If you see your head is tilted you'll most likely automatically straighten it. NeurOptimal alerts the brain that it is doing something and each brain will decide how to use the information it is presented with in order to optimize its own functioning.

The most common effect after a neurofeedback session is that clients report feeling calmer and relaxed.  When clients have poor sleep hygiene and are exhausted they will often report feeling tired at the end of the session.  This shift is a result of increased awareness and the client shifting out of a stress response. We coach these clients to pay attention to this shift as a communication of the need for more sleep.  

Watch our video on how a NeurOptimal session works


Results from Neurofeedback in Boulder, CO

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