NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Training For Managing Stress 

Can people with a stressful lifestyle benefit from neurofeedback training?

Every brain can, and especially individuals who live a stressful lifestyle. Why? Because the NeurOptimal@ software uses the second generation technology called Dynamical neurofeedback. That means every brain is getting real-time feedback about it’s mal-adaptive patterns. The most common one is the stress response.

What are the signs of stress?

We know it as waking up too early, being easy to anger, being in worry mode too often, not being able to relax when we try to, being distracted and not able to focus.

Dr. Mark Hyman, leading wellness doctor, describes stress as the #1 contributor to many health issues such as weight, hormone imbalance, heart health, and a key to staying healthy.

Everyone from the Heart Association, to the Mayo Clinic, to the National Institute on Mental Health, wants you to know how to identify stress and have a strategy for reducing it so that it doesn’t become chronic.

Training your brain with the NeurOptimal system is an effective support for help with managing stress levels. As one of our clients stated: 

"Neurofeedback has been a great way for me to feel less stressed out. I used to have performance anxiety and a constant stream of worry. That has all improved! I can now engage more intimately with the present moment."

What is Stress? Learn How Neurofedback Can help With Stress

NeurOptimal Session
Shift Out of Stress With a NeurOptimal Session

Our Habitual Brain & Stress Response - Who Benefits from Neurofeedback?

Thanks so much for loaning me the NFB (NeurOptimal) device. I can already tell I am breathing more properly. I’m often unconsciously in freeze response, holding my breath. This is brilliant! ❤️ More Reviews >

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Identify stress and what it does to your brain. Find ways to de-stress with tools such as self-awareness and neurofeedback training.  

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Ways to Keep Your Brain Regulated and Reduce Stress

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NeurOptimal Review

“The process is deceptively simple — being hooked up to a neurofeedback computer, and sitting quietly. Afterwards there’s a subtle but powerful shift in feeling — I feel more present, and relaxed, and have greater well being. It’s been very effective in working with my stress levels.”

– Robert, NYC

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NeurOptimal® has been designated a General Wellness Product by the FDA.

The FDA also has approved neurofeedback training for stress management, to help control chaotic thoughts, help people relax, help them meditate.