At Neurofeedback Training Co. we provide three options to train your brain with the professional-grade NeurOptimal® brain training system; schedule a session, rent a home system or buy the equipment. All our systems provide the latest software NeurOptimal® 3.0. No matter what option you choose below, the training is exactly the same and just as effective.



We offer NeurOptimal® Sessions in four locations in US; New York City, Los Angeles (Pasadena), Denver and Boulder.

Cost range from $150 and up depending on location. Special discounts available for new clients.

We have enforced strict COVID-19 protocols for in-person sessions at all our neurofeedback clinics. By appointments only.  Facemask required at all times. All neurofeedback trainers have been fully vaccinated. 


Rent an advanced neurofeedback home system and do brain training at home.

The neurofeedback at home kit is the most cost-effective option and best option for families. Price range from $650 and up per month. A rental provides the same training as in our neurofeedback clinics and is the most convenient and affordable option, especially for families with children.


Most Popular Option! Train multiple people at home. We ship throughout U.S. and Canada.



Neurofeedback Equipment for sale for home use and health clinics.

We are Zengar (NeurOptimal) sales representatives and offer sales with monthly financial plans for both the Personal and Professional NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Systems. The NeurOptimal system cost from $7,000 and up.


Neurofeedback Equipment for Health Professionals

Are you health care clinician or a therapist, consider buying a system for your private practice? Learn how to bring neurofeedback training to your health clinic.


How Does Neurofeedback Work?

The NeurOptimal® system is the only available Dynamical Neurofeedback® system in the world. It's completely non-invasive natural brain training. Watch the video below to learn more.