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  • Easy set-up
  • Families and partners can train together
  • Get expert guidance; includes coaching sessions
  • Clinically proven tracking tools

neurofeedback at home kit with the neuroptimal neurofeedback system


Pricing Plans

Extend as long as you wish and change plans anytime.



  • 12 sessions ($55 per session)

  • Coaching sessions with a trainer

  • Ideal for one person. Add-on $25/session



  • 22 sessions ($39 per session)

  • Coaching sessions with a trainer

  • Ideal for a family or individual training daily. Add-on $25/session



  • Unlimited Sessions ($30 per day)
  • Coaching sessions with a trainer
  • Ideal for the whole family training

Low cost shipping; $40 each way. Price matching!


Questions? Talk to a Trainer!

Use the Chat Widget in lower right corner or click here to schedule a 15 min. phone call with one of our experienced trainers. Or leave us a VM at +1 347-835-5408 .

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Good to Know Before Renting

  • Ship 1-2 day FedEx.  Signature required.
  • Payment is processed 24 hours before shipment / pick up
  • Shipping: $40 each way.
  • Sales tax applies to NY, CA or CO
  • Free pick-up at our NYC office location and when scheduling a session in Los Angeles/Pasadena
  • The rental period begins the day after you receive your system and lasts 30 days (1 month). 
  • Extend the rental in monthly or 2 week increments.
  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan as you go along. Sessions rollover to the next rental period.
  • Support is there for you along the way.  We provide a printed step-by-step guide exclusive to Neurofeedback Training Co. renters as well as easy set-up videos. You will also be assigned an experienced neurofeedback coach to guide you if extra help is needed. 

Neurofeedback Training with NeurOptimal® Is...

  • Is it safe? 100% non-invasive brain training registered by the FDA as a General Wellness Device.
  • How does it work? Designed to support the brain’s natural, innate learning process.  Learn how it works
  • Is it the latest version?  Fully automated neurofeedback technology; Integrated brain mapping; no protocols needed. Learn the difference.
  • How hard is it to operate? You will be up-and-running sessions in 15 minutes.  Watch our video; "What happens in a NeurOptimal session."



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6 Reasons To Rent From Us:

  1. We're experienced.  We've been offering our brain training program for over 11 years and have served over 3,000 customers.

  2. We're experts.  All of our coaches are Advanced Certified Trainers and have been through the brain training program themselves.

  3. We provide the best value. We price our programs to meet the needs of our customers.

  4. We offer excellent customer service. We provide exclusive manuals and training videos. Chat window, text, phone and email support available.

  5. We give the option to train multiple people and offer unique training suggestions for each person.

  6. We care. Our team of experienced trainers will guide you through the renting period, review your progress and make suggestions based on your goals. Coaching sessions is included in each rental.



Why Rent a Home System From Neurofeedback Training Co.?

All of the equipment and supplies needed to do neurofeedback training at home, including conductive paste. Headphones are not required, but any earbuds or regular wired headphones can be used if you prefer them (instead of the system's speakers). High-speed internet access is recommended in case you require technical support.

All of our rental systems have the recently updated NeurOptimal 3.5 software (3.0 was released in 2018 and Version 3.5 in April 2022). Learn more about the latest NeurOptimal® 3 features here. Our rental units provide the exact same training as offered by neurofeedback centers or therapy offices that provide NeurOptimal@ sessions.

After completing reservation and contract, and a rental manager has confirmed a system, expect 2-3 business days shipping time via FedEx. If located in Los Angeles, Denver or NYC shipping is faster, 1-2 business days.

(A complete reservation and signed contract will process your rental quicker).

Read our shipping policy here.

After the initial month, you can extend your rental in two week or full month periods, for as long as you'd like to keep training. If you don't complete all your sessions, we recommend extending. The sessions rollover to the next rental period (except for Unlimited Use Plan). One can upgrade and downgrade as you continue to rent. Two to three months of rental is recommended for best results.

Check with your insurance company to see if it covers neurofeedback and what their requirements are.  Most insurance consider it “experimental” and don’t cover it.  The good news is that an out-of-pocket home rental is roughly the same cost per session of a co-pay.

  • We've been renting out home systems successfully since 2011
  • All systems are up-to-date and checked by a NeurOptimal technician before shipment. All rentals include the latest version; NeurOptimal 3.7
  • Guaranteed Rental Experience: If a rental system is not running properly we will arrange a remote support call with a NeurOptimal technician. If the problem is not resolved, we’ll put your rental period on "pause" until we have sent you a replacement system.
  • Experienced Neurofeedback Rental Coaches who are also training themselves. Read Amy's experience and neurofeedback results.
  • Receive customized neurofeedback training tips. As a renter you are entitled to a 20 min call with a trainer each week.
  • Training as a family? Read this article to get the most out of your home neurofeedback experience.




Meet our expert neurofeedback training team!

Kim, Amy, Sara



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