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Neurofeedback Training Co. has provided NeurOptimal® home system rentals in the USA and Canada since 2011. 

Cost of the home neurofeedback package range from $650 and up or $30-55/per session. Scroll down to learn more.

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Why Rent a NeurOptimal® Home System?

NeurOptimal® is the only fully automated neurofeedback system specifically designed for home use.

When you rent a NeurOptimal system, you would be able to train your brain on your own schedule in the comfort and convenience of your home. It is also more affordable as you can train more than one family member, and also train multiple times per week. Use the NeurOptimal Home Unit at your time, place, and pace.

why choose NeurOptimal® over other neurofeedback Systems?


Top Reasons Why:

  1. Professional-grade and fully automated neurofeedback system 

    No diagnosis, no expensive brain mapping or trainer expert needed as the expertise is built-in. This advanced neurofeedback training does not push or force the brain - it simply offers information. The brain does the rest, naturally. View this comparison.
  2. 100% non-Invasive neurofeedback technology

    NeurOptimal® is the only Dynamical Neurofeedback™ system on the market and safe to use by anyone and at any age. Watch our video on what happens in a session here.
  3. The most effective and affordable neurofeedback training available

    The rental is the most cost-effective neurofeedback training option, especially for families or partners who want to train together.  It is also the most convenient option (no appointments to make) and it is very easy to use. (click here to watch a set-up video). The rental is the exact same system used in our in-person sessions.

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    Is neurofeedback covered by insurance?  Read our Renting Guide FAQ's


Home Neurofeedback Cost

What is the cost of the home neurofeedback?

The cost of a neurofeedback rental range between *$650 to *$950 per month (plus sales tax to residents in NY, CO, and CA). Cost per session is $55 or less. We provide a free 2-day shipment via FedEx throughout the US and Canada (including return and shipping insurance). After the first month, clients can choose to simply return, extend, or switch plans, return or switch to a more affordable long-term lease. Families or partners start with the rent the Elite (Unlimited use) plan, and train 3-4 sessions weekly for three months or longer.  View pricing and learn how to rent here.

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Why Rent From Neurofeedback Training Co.?

  • We are experienced.  We've been offering our brain training program for over 11 years and have served over 3,000 customers.
  • We are experts.  All our coaches are Advanced Certified  NeurOptimal Trainers and have also been through the brain training program.
  • We provide the best value. We price our programs to meet the needs of our customers.
  • We offer excellent customer service. We provide exclusive manuals and training videos. Chat window, text, phone, and email support are available.
    We allow multiple people to train together and offer unique training suggestions for each person.
We care. Our team of experienced trainers will guide you through the renting period, review your progress, and make suggestions based on your goals. Coaching sessions are included in each rental.


Get a NeurOptimal home system in 1-2 business days. Free shipment via FedEx (also includes return)


Uncertain about which training option suits you best?

Book a 15-minute consultation with one of our experienced trainers.



Watch Home Neurofeedback Set-Up Videos

How to Start a NeurOptimal® Session at Home in a few steps

Natalie Baker, owner of Neurofeedback Training Co. and Advanced Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer show how easy it is to start a session at home.

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EEG Sensor hookup video

Which Rental Plan Should I Choose? How many sessions should I do?

Natalie Baker, psychotherapist and NeurOptimal® representative explains what to consider before starting and during your brain training cycle.

When renting from us one can always upgrade or downgrade the plan. View rental costs here.

What Happens in a Neurofeedback Session: Do I Have to Watch the Screen?

NeurOptimal® session is 33 minutes long and a relaxing and effortless experience. The brain does all the work. Since this advanced neurofeedback system is an automated brain training system and no conscious effort is required on your part

Watch Webinar:

Does it help my child with ADHD? Are you a parent exploring neurofeedback for your child? Watch our free Webinar Neurofeedback for Kids and Teens


Neurofeedback Reviews and Success Rates

After a single neurofeedback session, there is no "average" experience as each brain is different and the same brain is different in any given moment. Depending on many factors including your current state and how quickly your brain is able to learn new things, there are a range of possible feelings you may have after any given session.  Some might report experiencing a sense of clarity, focus, or calm. Others might not notice any discernible change in the moment. What's important is to be in-tuned with your own internal evolution, rather than to compare it to an external standard, even if this can give an idea of progress. Listening to your body and mind is key to noticing how you are benefiting from neurofeedback.

As the brain can create maladaptive patterns in many areas of cognition and emotion, clients will train for a variety of different reasons.  The most common are for support with executive functioning and learning,  support with emotional regulation,  sleep, and brain injury recovery.  The improvements are best seen through the shifting of thought patterns, emotions and behavior changes. 

Clients often report an overall and vague sense of "feeling better" and then through a more focused look at what is different notice that they are sleeping more deeply, less reactive to stressors, feeling more focus and ease with schedules.  For those who are interested in research on neurofeedback, NeurOptimal® results have also been backed up by research which is available to the public on a number of different topics.

When starting with home neurofeedback,  it's important to fill out our self-reporting checklist every 10 sessions.  Part of success comes from building your awareness about what is shifting and what is still stuck. Using the checklist is a support for creating greater mindfulness.  Some of the changes will come from you actively making better decisions and some will be seamless and not in your conscious awareness.  Filling out our broad-ranging checklist helps you see the ones you didn't expect!   

Below are examples of clients noticing results from one month of neurofeedback training at home.

Checklist - before and after one month of brain training with neuroptimal


Success Stories from Home Neurofeedback Clients

This client came in seeking help for his irregular sleep patterns. For years he had difficulties with his sleep patterns. Here's his feedback.

[After 2 session at home]: "I tried it last night and everything went fine. I haven't noticed anything yet but hopefully in a week. I do notice however that I get mentally tired after each session. As if I’ve been studying for a finals exam."

[After 1 week of daily sessions]; "Last night I had 7.5 hrs of sleep which is more than my usual 3-5 hrs. It's been almost 2 years since I’ve had that much sleep."

[After 1 month of training, about 25 sessions]: "Training is going well. I can say that my sleep patterns has improved for the better."

– T.T. Los Angeles, Came in for an in-person session and then rented a system for 1 month

Reviews from our west-coast renters

Neurofeedback is a great way to improve performance and stay focused. Unit arrived on time and the team at Neurofeedback Training Co. made it easy to rent a unit and get started.

– Adam, California. Google review

Amazing experience! I felt more grounded, confident and my clarity greatly improved. The team was wonderful and the machine is very easy to use at home. I highly recommend Neurofeedback Training Co. and the NeurOptimal system.

– Wendy, Washington State. Google Review

My husband and I used the system together, and he reported substantial improvements in many areas, as well. It was amazing to experience the changes over time in how we related to each other more positively, patiently, and with more kindness. If you're in a partnership, I would highly recommend training together.

Eileen, Portland, OR. Yelp review

A busy parent to a teenage daughter in New York wrote us this review

I was looking for neurofeedback near me and learned that I could rent a system for home which was more convenient for the whole family. I was a bit concerned setting it up at home but whomever made the instructions, did an incredible job. They are very helpful. I trained together with my teenage daughter and after only using the machine for a week I noticed a change in her behavior. She seemed more focused and organized with school-work. After renting it for 3 months we see a change in mood; she's more engaging in conversations, more cheerful and at ease in social settings. Personally I noticed that whenever I did a session I would wake up in the morning ready to go rather than feeling sluggish and procrastinate tasks. I highly recommend the rental and appreciate all the support from the Neurofeedback Training Co. team.

- Cathryn, New York, NY



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