NeurOptimal is...

  • Fully automated neurofeedback technology
  • Non-invasive  (*FDA Approved as a wellness device)
  • Easy to Use (manual is provided)
  • Effortless Brain Training at Home (real time feedback without 

The process of renting a NeurOptimal Home System are:

  1. Fill out the form to the right
  2. Next you'll be prompted to add your reservation and create an account on our rental portal
  3. Get a link to sign a contract online
  4. One of our rental managers (Sara, Grace or Kate) will reach out about availability and pick up/shipment

Once we have the reservation and contract your rental manager will assign a system and prepare the equipment for pick up or shipment.  At times we may have a slight wait. If we do, an online reservation and contract will get you on that waitlist.  Please note: Payment is not due until you are ready to rent and 24h before shipment/pick up time has been made.

Why Rent from Neurofeedback Training Co.?

We have been renting out NeurOptimal neurofeedback home systems since 2011. We're the largest provider of NeurOptimal home rentals and all our rental managers are also certified NeurOptimal trainers and have done years of training themselves.

Have any questions or found a better price somewhere else? Contact us here to speak to a Neurofeedback Training Co. rental manager directly or use the chat widget in the right corner of website.

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What's included in the home unit rental?

All our rental plans include all materials required to train (including paste), access to online support forum moderated by expert trainers, access to regular check-ins with staff trainer via text, email, phone or Skype. You supply your own headphones.  We've learned everyone would prefer to use their own!  Any headphones or earbuds will be fine, just no bluetooth headphones please.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping costs are not included in monthly plan and billed separately. We offer a flat-rate shipping cost of $75 anywhere in US (including return) and $100 to Canada (one-way only). Or pick it up for free at any of our in NYC, LA, Denver, Colorado. A demo is not included and can be scheduled separately in New York City or Los Angeles (Pasadena) when picking up.

Why is there sometimes a wait?

Our clients get to decide how long they rent and sometimes they extend beyond the recommended two months; therefore it's difficult for us to know an exact date of availability. 

Does neurofeedback work the same when training at home as the in-office sessions?  

Yes.  The technology is exactly the same.  The only difference is that the Professional unit has graphing capabilities but we don't use the quantitative data to decide the training protocol or to assess progress. 

How do I know if it's working?   

We strongly recommend all renters fill out our Checklist of Concerns prior to starting and then again, after every 8 sessions. For example, when clients see their rate of 10 for "Feel Anxious" turn into a 4 (10 being worst), they know the training is doing something good for them!

How difficult is it to learn how to run sessions?  

Learning how to use the equipment will take you approximately 10-15 minutes.  There are only 3 items you need to get familiar with: the computer, the amplifier, and the sensors.  There are only 3 buttons that you'll need to press on the computer.  And you can learn how to place the EEG sensors on your head from a 3-minute video.  You may get some EEG paste in your hair the first time, but it's water-soluable and comes out easily! 

What is the minimum and maximum amount of time for which I can rent the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer? 

Minimum time to rent the neurofeedback equipment is one month. However, the best results is by renting for 2 months. Read a case study on the best uses of neurofeedback home system. After the first month's rental, one can choose to extend for another month or two weeks. The two week option is only available after the first month's rental.

Why is two months rental recommended? 

The best training results occur when clients train for 2 - 4 months, with 2 days’ sleep between training sessions.  If you rent for 2 months, that would look like 2-3 sessions per week, for a total of 20-30 sessions.  Read our blog: How to Get Best Results in Neurofeedback Training

Is it difficult to learn where to place the EEG sensors on the head?  

In a word, no.  The sites on head C3 and C4 are actually large areas approximately half-way between the tip of the top of the ear and the crown of the head.  Anywhere in that area is considered a good location!  Trivia: did you know that the EEG sensors on the head pick up 95% of the electrical information on the entire head, and only 5% of that information is site specific?  In other words, don't worry, you have it in the right place!

Read more FAQs and watch videos on how to set up the equipment >

NeurOptimal Home Systems for Sale

The home system is also available to purchase. View pricing here. If renting a system from us and then decide to buy we give our renters a $100 refund of their rental.  Discuss your purchasing options with Natalie.

* NeurOptimal® is a training tool and does not diagnose, treat, mitigate prevent or cure any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state, nor does it restore, modify or correct the body’s structure or functioning. If you require medical assistance, please seek the advice of your physician. Learn more about NeurOptimal?