Looking for Neurofeedback in Oregon? Or live far away from a neurofeedback trainer in Washington State? Consider renting a NeurOptimal trainer. This advanced neurofeedback device provides the same training as any neurofeedback center offering NeurOptimal neurofeedback. Request a rental here >

Review pricing below and how the renting process works. 


How Much Does Neurofeedback Cost?

When renting a Neurofeedback Home System cost per session can be as low as $40 or more. Renting a home system is a great option for families and friends who want to train together, for those who live far from a neurofeedback trainer.

Monthly Neurofeedback Cost & Plans:

Rent for a month at a time and extend as long as you wish! Sessions rollover from month to month and one can upgrade or downgrade your plans as you go along. Choose between these three packages:

$600*/m Personal Plan (includes 10 sessions, additional session is billed separately upon return for $25)

$800*/m Family Plan (includes 20 sessions, additional session is billed separately upon return for $25)

$900*/m Unlimited Plan (unlimited sessions for up to 5 people)

* Sales Tax for NY, CO & CA. Shipping Cost is not included and billed separately at $75 within U.S. (includes return shipment) and $100 to Canada.

No wait list! Have the machine shipped directly to your home in 3 business days and start training this week! We now offer free shipment to Portland, Oregon!

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NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, safe method for restoring serenity, confidence and wellness back into your life.



We had a great rental experience being able to speak with a trainer personally and communicate so quickly was very nice. All of us benefited from the training sessions, so thanks again!

Erica in Washington State (Rented a Home System, Unlimited Plan, for three months)

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