Looking for Neurofeedback in Portland, Oregon? Or live far away from a neurofeedback clinic in Washington State? Consider renting a NeurOptimal® home system.

This advanced neurofeedback machine provides the exact same training as any neurofeedback clinic using the NeurOptimal 3.5 system. It's effective and safe neurofeedback, for both children and adults, will bring down the cost of neurofeedback as low as possible.

Review pricing plans and best neurofeedback training options below.



Happy to match any price! 


How much does neurofeedback at home cost?

The cost for a neurofeedback at home system range from $650 to $900 for one month. Depending on what plan, cost per session can be as low as $40.  The same system is also available for purchase.

Every neurofeedback rental unit comes with everything you need to start brain training at home.  All equipment, EEG sensors and including paste and a printed step-by-step guide.

What Is The Cost Of A NeurOptimal® Home Rental?

Neurofeedback Cost & Plans:

  • *$650/month; PERSONAL PLAN: Includes 12 sessions. $25 for any additional session
  • *$800/month; FAMILY PLAN: Includes 22 sessions. $25 for any additional session.
  • *$900/month; UNLIMITED PLAN : banner-graphic-best-valueIncludes unlimited session. Train up to 6 people per household. 

* Plus NY, CO & CA Sales Tax. Shipment not included. Cost of shipment is $75 within NY, CA, CO and $90  all other states. 2 months commitment to Hawaii and Alaska due to high shipping cost. $150 to Canada one-way shipment.

What Are The Steps For A Neurofeedback Home Device?

  1.  Decide which plan works best for you.  The Personal Plan is ideal for one trainee, the Unlimited Plan is great for a family.
  2. Fill out your contract to get started.
  3. Watch the videos on how to set up a home device
  4. Your rental will arrive in 3 business days.
  5. Set a training schedule for 2-3 times a week in your calendar.
  6. Don't forget to fill out our progress tracking sheet.


Get started with a rental!

Request a rental or schedule a free 15 min. call with a Neurofeedback Trainer.


Read NeurOptimal® Success Stories from Renters in Oregon and Washington State-

Review from a renter in Portland, Oregon

I’ve been taking in-person neurofeedback sessions a clinic in Portland neurofeedback and loved them. I wanted to have this available for my family. That is why I looked into renting a neurofeedback home machine.

– Bryan, Portland, Oregon

Review from a renter in Tacoma, Washington State

The effect on myself is beyond adequate description. Daily increasing peace, focus, better sleep and especially less stressful response to the challenges I face.

– Mary, Tacoma, Washington State


Review from a renter in Redmond, WA:

I decided to try neurofeedback after a friend told me how it helped her and suggested it to help me manage stress. After my first session at a local neurofeedback clinic near me , I felt relaxed and took a nap for the first time in years and slept soundly that night (I guess my brain needed sleep!). After a few more sessions, I noticed a subtle shift, mostly an increased ability to focus. I decided to rent to save in cost and so that my boys, ages 7 and 9 could also train at home. They both say they now feel more relaxed and are not feeling so overwhelmed with school and homework. I noticed too that they were calmer and happier.


Here's what a client in Oregon wrote us after renting a home system for two months to support her recovery from a car accident:

It has been over a month without the training and I still am doing well with focus and ability to get things done.  I  feel "sharp" again and life has been more manageable since the training.

– Marcy

How Does It Work to Rent a NeurOptimal® System?

When renting a home system from Neurofeedback Training Co, you will get everything you need to train your brain at home. Rent the system for a month at a time and extend as long as you wish!

Good to know before renting:

  • Rent for a month - pay as you go! The minimum rental period is one month (30 days).
  • Sessions rollover from month to month and one can upgrade or downgrade your plans as you go along
  • Convenient shipment directly to your home! Pay only a $95 flat rate which includes both shipping insurance and hassle-free return shipment. Shipment takes two to three business days with FedEx. 
  • Happy to match any price!
  • Limited systems available. First come, first serve! There may be a few days delay if we have a high demand. But we try to do our best to get a system shipped within three business days after reserving a unit. 
  • Your neurofeedback rental cycle starts the day after you receive the shipment and lasts for 30 days. After the first month, extend or use the same packaging the rental came with and return.
  • COVID-19 Coronavirus Update: We always disinfect the equipment before shipment. In addition, our rental managers now wear masks and gloves when handling all rental units.

neurofeedback-trainer-coach-alisonHow do I start renting a neurofeedback home system?

Fill out the form here to request a rental today or discuss your training options with a trainer. Make sure to follow all the rental steps! If any questions about the process, use the Chat Widget in the lower right corner to talk to an experienced trainer.

Neurofeedback Reviews from Our Northwest US Rental Clients

I was extremely impressed with both the impact of using the NeurOptimal software as well as the quality and care that Sara put into her interactions with me throughout my rental period. I rented the system for two months and felt a very tangible relaxation effect in my body. The longer I used it, the more this effect accumulated and I will certainly be looking into renting one again when I am able. After getting used to the set up, it is simple and quick to set up sessions for yourself and as I said, the sessions really build on themselves in a subtle but tangible way. Sara, my rental manager, always interacted with me in a way that felt human and personal, and I always felt like I was being respected as an individual and not just as a customer. Thanks Sara!

– Sam in Portland, Oregon, Rented a home system for two months after hearing about NeurOptimal® in a podcast

We had a great rental experience being able to speak with a trainer personally and communicate so quickly was very nice. All of us benefited from the training sessions, so thanks again!

– Erica in Portland, Oregon (Rented a Home System for the family of four (Unlimited Plan) for three months)

The neurofeedback training with NeurOptimal home trainer has been doing wonders for myself and my 11-year old son. I've been doing the sessions every other day on him and have noticed he is much more alert, confident and calm. I'm seeing little things that have changed in such a short period. I too have benefitted from the sessions; feeling really good, calm, nothing really gets to me.... So amazing. I will rent again in 6 months or so. I'm so grateful!

– Michael, Washington State. Rented the Family Plan for two months after ten NeurOptimal sessions in our Pasadena office for his teenage son. After moving to Seattle, the family continues to rent on a yearly basis

I am really enjoying the sessions and having the system at home is very convenient. I have it set-up in my living room and do sessions on a weekly basis (3 per week). I look forward to each session and find myself to be more calmer and joyful.

– Nathan, British Columbia, Canada. Rented a home system for five months


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team-la-neurofeedback-trainer-saraMeet Your Expert Rental Manager & NeurOptimal Trainer

Sara has been renting out NeurOptimal® systems since 2014 to residents in the West-coast area (California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State, Alaska and British Columbia in Canada). After relocating to LA from NYC she sees clients for in-office sessions in Pasadena, California. Want to schedule an in-person session with Sara in Pasadena, CA? Schedule here. The in-person session includes a live demo of the rental.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Leave us a message at +1 (347) 835-5408 Extension 4 to speak with Sara, your rental manager for the West-coast region or fill out the form above to schedule a 15-minute free phone consultation to discuss your best neurofeedback training options. If reaching out during off hours, use the Chat Widget in the lower right corner. Please identify yourself to better serve you.



What Is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a form of brain training using EEG sensors to measure brainwave activity. Feedback is given to the individual when the brainwaves change to allow resetting mental and emotional patterns. NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, safe method for restoring serenity, confidence and wellness back into your life.

Watch our Q&A Webinar on Neurofeedback to learn more.


Neurofeedback vs Biofeedback

Neurofeedback devices were developed out of the discoveries from biofeedback that an individual can gain some control over involuntary functions to improve the body’s functioning and health. An example of biofeedback training is tracking your heart rate and then by breathing deeply lowering your heart rate. 

With the development of neurofeedback, neuroscientists discovered that measuring and tracking the brain’s electrical activity, or brainwaves, was meant to help identify unhealthy brain activity and feedback about those patterns could be used to improve the brain’s performance.  

Mental and emotional experiences are created through the brain’s use of neurochemicals and electrical impulses or brainwaves. When an individual performs tasks those tasks are reflected in brainwave activity and they can be seen if the individual has EEG sensors attached to the head. For example, when an individual performs a mental task such as problem-solving, Beta brain waves dominate.  When falling asleep the slower Theta waves take over.  

If the brain doesn’t produce the correct brain wave activity to accomplish the task it can be seen through tracking the brainwaves. For example, struggling to focus when trying to do school work and worrying when it’s time to fall asleep, are signs that the brain is stuck in habitual patterns and not in alignment with current needs.  

Only recently has the speed of computing technology reached a level where neurofeedback devices could be created because the brain performed functions much faster than computers could track. Now, as there is hardware that can run at the speed of the brain, its activities can be effectively tracked.


Benefits and Results of Neurofeedback

With neurofeedback sessions the individuals learn to reset those negative patterns, allowing them to better manage sleep, and emotional regulation and improve cognitive fitness, such as focus and concentration.  

The immediate benefits from neurofeedback sessions, typically noticed after one to three sessions include feeling calmer, more focused and for many, getting better sleep.  


Does Neurofeedback Really Work? NeurOptimal Reviews


child drawing during a neuroptimal neurofeedback sessionNeurofeedback Results in Children

In children, the results are primarily noticed in parents and teachers, although older kids with greater self-awareness do report noticing specific changes or they report liking neurofeedback but can’t specifically say why.  

The benefits of neurofeedback for children include:

  • Less fighting with siblings
  • Better able to focus on school work
  • Feeling less fearful
  • Managing sleep and bed wetting
  • Worrying less
  • neuroptimal-neurofeedback-session-at-home-computerMore communicatively

Read a Yelp review from a mother who trained her two children and saw results.

The benefits for adults include:

  • Sleep management
  • School / academic performance
  • Executive functioning
  • Emotional fitness and resiliency
  • Mental fitness for anti-ageing
  • Stress management

Read a Yelp review from a couple who trained together and noticed how their relationship and overall well-being improved with two months of neurofeedback training.



Is Home Neurofeedback Effective?

Why We Chose the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Device

In 2011, after 10 months of research, we decided on the NeurOptimal device because it met our needs to provide effective and safe neurofeedback while keeping the costs as low as possible.  

The NeurOptimal system is a second-generation neurofeedback. In the first generation, the skilled trainer would set protocols from a brain map taken of the client’s brain waves.  The trainer sets protocols to encourage the brain to change its brainwave patterns to match those of a ‘normal’ brain. While effective, it has limitations such as not using real-time data about the brainwaves but relying on information from a brain map taken sometimes months before training sessions. Potential for creating side effects from over or under-training was possible. It also proves difficult because it required guessing which maladaptive patterns to prioritize.  

With the second-generation NeurOptimal system, the advancements in computing power allowed the design of the system to shift, to be synchronized with how the brain optimizes its own performance. The software now uses real-time data from the brain to provide feedback, which is much more precise and valuable than using a QEEG or brain map that was taken months ago. The design is now fully automated and allows the individual’s brain to be the expert deciding how to use the information rather than an expert trainer setting protocols to force change. Thus allowing change to happen organically and minimizing unwanted effects.  

Being fully automated and not requiring protocols to be set makes the home neurofeedback device a reality. This shift dramatically reduced the cost and made it easier for multiple family members to train.


Learn more about NeurOptimal; how it works and what makes it different 


Is neurofeedback covered by insurance?

Individual health insurance companies determine what is covered and it varies from policy to policy.  Reach out to your insurance to inquire. The cost of renting a home neurofeedback device is approximately the same price as many co-pays, approximately $40/session.  



Can neurofeedback be harmful?

The NeurOptimal neurofeedback system is not harmful. The FDA has approved it as a General Wellness Device, which means it is safe for consumers to use without the oversight of a healthcare provider.


What are the side effects of neurofeedback?

The NeurOptimal system has a non-invasive design. It does not force changes in brainwave patterns but rather works by giving the brain millisecond-by-millisecond feedback about its maladaptive patterns so the individual brain can utilize the information to improve its own functioning.

An analogue for the feedback process is seeing your reflection in a mirror. If you see your head is tilted you'll most likely automatically straighten it. NeurOptimal alerts the brain that it is doing something and each brain will decide how to use the information it is presented with, in order to optimize its own functioning. 

The most common effect after a neurofeedback session is that clients report feeling calmer and relaxed. When clients have poor sleep hygiene and are exhausted they will often report feeling tired at the end of the session. This shift results from increased awareness and the client shifting out of a stress response. We coach these clients to pay attention to this shift as a communication of the need for more sleep. 


Where Can I Buy A Neurofeedback Machine?


Neurofeedback Equipment For Sale

The NeurOptimal® neurofeedback equipment was invented by neuropsychologists and a clinical psychologist team. NeurOptimal 3 is the only fully-automated dynamical neurofeedback device. 

The design goal was to create a system that used precisely timed feedback to interact with the brain’s organic ability to optimize its functioning, thus allowing it to be used safely and effectively at home. In 2018 the FDA recognized the NeurOptimal system as a General Wellness Device.  This designation confirms it as safe and appropriate for home use and with children.  

The NeurOptimal system is for sale to both professionals and individual customers.

Financing is available for both systems.  

Many decide to purchase a device for cost savings. The price per session is as low as $40/session for the Limited unit and even lower for the Unlimited-use system. Unlike with other neurofeedback systems, customers own their equipment outright and there are no obligatory ongoing membership fees.  

Customers receive 6 months of free technical support, and can join an online community to interact with trainers, and others using NeurOptimal at home.  

NeurOptimal 3.5 features:

  • The portable device fits neatly in a computer bag
  • Everything is included.
  • Easy to use.   
  • The same technology in Professional and Personal NeurOptimal systems
  • With a single click, you can add names, start a session, change the music
  • New Touchscreen Interface
  • The larger set of 20 brainwave frequency targets (previously 16)
  • Including high Hertz frequencies, up to 63 Hz
  • Only a neurofeedback system with an automatic de-noising filter that ignores environmental electrical activity and focuses only on the brain’s electrical activity.
  • Session Pause, allowing you to resume from where you left off

If interested in buying a unit, talk to Advanced NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer Natalie Baker. Click here to learn more


New to Neurofeedback? Watch our Q&A Webinar