Does neurofeedback WORK? IS IT SAFE?

Neurofeedback NeurOptimal neurofeedback training does not treat specific conditions, it is an effective and safe brain training method that improves the overall functioning of the central nervous system. Read client’s reviews, watch our videos and learn more about the effectiveness of Neurofeedback therapy

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Luigi's school performance improved significantly with neurofeedback training. This interview took place a year and a half after he completed 3 months of weekly neurofeedback sessions.


Is Neurofeedback Therapy Safe?

Yes. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training is safe for anyone to use.  Why?  Because nothing is being added to your brain. The training works by alerting your automatic functioning part of the brain to its own actions (this part  controls the fear response, flight/flight/freeze, sleep, attentiveness, executive functioning, etc.) so it can ‘see’ its own maladaptive patterns.  Because the brain is designed to be responsive to new information, when the neurofeedback system alerts the brain to it’s own functioning the brain will naturally tweak itself to be the most efficient and effective response.  It’s as if the brain, upon being alerted to it’s own behaviour says “hey, I’m about to produce a stress response when I’m sitting in a safe space.  That’s not efficient or an appropriate response.  I’m going to change what I’m doing.” Read more FAQ’s >

Why NeurOptimal?

The way global information based neurofeedback works is giving your brain intelligent information about itself so that it can optimize it’s functioning.  That’s how it can be diagnostically agnostic.  Basically, NeurOptimal neurofeedback is teaching the brain to be smarter, learning to come into the present to gather info before it makes a decision rather than doing what’s habitual— worry being a common brain habit.  NeurOptimal vs. the rest - Compare Neurofeedback Systems

What are the top benefits of Neurofeedback Training?

Training with the NeurOptimal system does not treat specific conditions - it’s exercise for your brain that is improving the overall functioning of the central nervous system. The benefits varies from person to person, but here are a some areas that can improve:

  • Feeling more confident (More certain and comfortable)

  • Feeling more calm

  • Enhances learning capacity, feeling more focused

  • Promotes healthy sleep habits (waking up feeling refreshed)

  • Helps manage stress better (Helps you become more flexible and resilient which makes coping with what you're dealing with easier)

  • Helps keep your brain fit (reduced feelings of performance anxiety (less stage fright) and/or sports anxiety, assists with weight loss goals)

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Neurofeedback Training

How many sessions do I need?

NeurOptimal training is a learning task and it’s for every individual to decide.  Are you more consistently calm? Rested?  Better able to focus? Resilient? See our blog post about how many neurofeedback sessions is recommend

Why I introduced Neurofeedback to my practice - a therapist perspective



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