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Watch neurofeedback videos from client's success stories to how to operate the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system at home.

Learn how this non-invasive neurofeedback training can help manage stress, improve sleep habits and enhance focus.




New to Neurofeedback? Learn How NeurOptimal Works and What To Expect

Neurofeedback training with the NeurOptimal system does not treat specific conditions, it is an effective and safe brain training method that improves the overall functioning of the central nervous system. It's non-invasive, FDA regulated as a Wellness Device and effective brain training for all ages. Learn in more detail how NeurOptimal works

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Neurofeedback Q&A: How Many Sessions Should I Do?

One of the top questions about neurofeedback training we get is how many sessions you or your child should do.  


Is Neurofeedback A Sham? How do I know if It's Working?

NeurOptimal Vs. Other Kind of Neurofeedback Systems


Neurofeedback Q&A: Can I do other things while training?

Yes. The NeurOptimal neurofeedback system is fully automated neurofeedback brain training system. You can do anything during a session that does not require a lot of movement of the body or head. You can close your eyes, read, look at your phone. The success of the training comes from the communication between the software and your brain.


Neurofeedback for Kids - Improving School Performance

Mom talking about how her nine year old son's performance improved significantly with neurofeedback training. This interview took place a year and a half after he completed 3 months of weekly neurofeedback sessions in New York.

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Neurofeedback for Stress & Sleep Management

One of the first positive shifts from neurofeedback training is how it helps people manage their sleep—sleeping more soundly, falling asleep more quickly, not waking up in the middle of the night, and feeling more rested—even when sleep is not why they wanted to train. Watch the video below to learn how NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training reduced Jenny’s stress and how it also improved her relationship and manage sleep

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Neurofeedback for Peak Perfomance - Review from a Therapist

NY Neurofeedback Trainer Alex explains how NeurOptimal neurofeedback helped him enhance his musical performance.

Neurofeedback for Parents – The Worrying Mom

Heather Coleman, NYC Therapist and Neurofeedback Trainer talks about how neurofeedback training has benefited her experience being pregnant and reduced her worrying.

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In Office Sessions

After 11 sessions at Neurofeedback Training Co. in NYC; I feel relaxed, calm and am sleeping very well."

Neurofeedback at Home

"I rented the equipment for a month, process was smooth and fast. After a month and about 12 sessions I saw a great improvement in my sleep, fell asleep fast and able to go back to sleep if I wake up at night. Highly recommend it!" (Yelp Review)

Review from a Health Professional

"The sessions I completed helped me feel very present. It also helped me to relax muscles enough to breathe normally.  It was a big thing for me.  I do a lot of other things to work on my health, but this was very different."

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How to start a NeurOptimal Session at Home

Natalie Baker, founder of Neurofeedback Training Co. demonstrates how easy it is to operate the NeurOptimal 3.0 software and how to start a session.



How to apply the EEG Sensors and Start Your First NeurOptimal® Session at Home

There are a total of five EEG sensors that is placed on the ears and scalp. The sensors job is to read the brain's electrical activity and convert that data into the NeurOptimal 3.0 software. This data is analyzed 256 times per second and feedback is provided by interruptions in music - triggering the brains oriental response.

Good to know:

  • The NeurOptimal system is a fully automated neurofeedback system.
  • No protocols to be set and no expert trainer necessary as the expertise is built in.