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Address 28 N. Oak Ave., Pasadena, CA 91107

At our Los Angeles Neurofeedback office located in Pasadena, one can either schedule an in person session or rent the professional-grade NeurOptimal® system.

Scroll down to learn the cost, get directions and what to expect from your first neurofeedback session.



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Neurofeedback Session Cost

  • Cost for one in-person session: $180 (also includes a live demonstration of a home rental). 1h and 30 min. total
  • Cost for two sessions: $250 for two people (family members, partners or friends may train together, on separate devices at the same time in the same room).
  • Neurofeedback at Home Rental Cost:   $40 to $70 per session depending on the selected monthly rental plan. Minimum rental period is 1 month and cost range from $650 - $950. Scroll down or see this page to learn more.

Session Payment: 

A payment is full must be paid before the appointment. 

  • 1 session at $180:  Pay via credit card here or via Paypal.
  • 2 sessions at $250:  Pay here.


Good to know before your session:

  • View directions below
  • 24h cancelation policy
  • Payment is non-refundable if not showing up or canceling on the same day.
  • If arriving late, a session may still be done but will be shortened to 20 min. session.
  • By appointment only available Monday, Friday, and Saturdays (10 - 3PM). 
  • If picking up a rental after the session, a reservation and contract must be signed prior. Reserve a system here
  • Watch this webinar to see if NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is for you.
  • To get the most out of the neurofeedback training a home rental is recommended. 

Inquire about Session or a Home Rental

Get in touch with our Los Angeles Neurofeedback Trainer Sara! Fill out the form below.


 In-Person Neurofeedback Session With the NeurOptimal® Brain Training System

What to Expect

A training session lasts 33 minutes and is relaxing and enjoyable. The appointment last 50 min.

Before your appointment, watch this video to learn how NeurOptimal® works. During the 33-minute session, you will be by yourself in the room (unless training with a partner or family member).

Since NeurOptimal® is a fully automated system and effortless brain training one does not need to pay attention to anything while training. Primary feedback is delivered via audio. Sleep is encouraged or bring reading materials to your session.

View more FAQs here



Meet Your Los Angeles Neurofeedback Trainer Sara



Our Los Angeles Neurofeedback Trainer, Sara St. John started with neurofeedback sessions in 2011 and after seeing results became a certified NeurOptimal® Trainer in 2015.  She is the rental manager in the West-coast Region (California, Oregon, Washington State, Alaska, Hawaii) as well as British Columbia in Canada. Over the years she has managed over 500  neurofeedback at home renters and in person sessions. Read the reviews from clients below.

Contact Info:



Pasadena Neurofeedback Office

Free parking available in the large parking lot behind the building, or on N. Oak Ave.


The entrance to the office is located behind the building, (where the parking lot is). It will say #28 above the door.

A NeurOptimal session last a total of 55 minutes long while the program itself is 33 minutes. Please be on time.

Pasadena Office Address & Directions

Address: 28 N. Oak Ave., Suite 204, Pasadena, CA 91107

Directions (watch also the video to the right to know what to expect):

Entrance to building is from the large parking lot, enter the black double doors right next to the mailboxes. It will say "28" above the doors.  Office is also a therapy practice with a waiting room. 

If the doors are locked, call Sara at 1+323-686-2717. If open, just walk up two flights of stairs. The office is located at the end of the hallway (no sign on door). 

Parking: Free parking is available in the back of the building or along North Oak Avenue.

After booking your session

  • Please download and sign a  consent form. The form will be available to sign at the appointment as well.
  • A Checklist is recommended to fill out as well, especially if continuing the neurofeedback training with a home rental. NeurOptimal® relies on these self-reporting tools to keep track of changes. Here's why. (Please note: no need to share this with the trainer).



home neurofeedback rental neuroptimal system rent from experts4 Reasons Why NeurOptimal® Is the Top Choice in Brain Training

  1.  This fully automated neurofeedback system works directly with each person's brain for optimal health. No expensive brain mapping or diagnosis required as the expertise is built in.
  2.  NeurOptimal® brain training is effortless. Other neurofeedback systems require the user to “interact” by playing games or solve puzzles.
  3.  Safe brain training and well suited for kids.  It's completely non-invasive brain training – nothing is added to your brain.
  4.  NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is designed to give each individual brain information on its own moment to moment functioning, allowing the brain to be more flexible and resilient. Over time it can help with improving ones focus and clarity and feel more calm.  Academic performance can also be enhanced by improving concentration and mental focus.


Watch Webinar:

Neurofeedback: How it works, system comparisons, and what to expect (45 min.) 



Latest Neurofeedback Reviews:

NeurOptimal® Reviews that Sara has managed from clients in California, Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon.


Please note: NeurOptimal® is a non-medical device and not a treatment. The below reviews are real testimonials from clients who experienced results for their overall wellbeing. Each training session is unique to the trainee, no session is a like. The results varies depending on how long the client trained for and lifestyle choices. 



My son is doing great! Thank you for checking in. I know the sessions are working because he is excited to do a session.  I am actually seeing results in just a month. I've noticed he is more focused and not as stressed-out going to school. Overall my son seems happier. We'll continue another month.

– Z.Y. Currently renting for 2 or more months. 11-year old son training 3 sessions per week.

Thank goodness you suggested me to try it out. I think you might have saved me! I couldn't sleep well for over 1 year due to a family crisis and since I began the neurofeedback training  I am now sleeping much better and am slowly feeling more of myself. The system helps so much with my feelings of worry and fear while under a lot of stress witch challenges I am unable to control! I am so forever grateful! It was difficult to return it but had to due to financial constraints. But will do as you recommended and re-rent again in 6 months. 

– L., Los Angeles, Came in for a session first and then rented. This is after the first month and client is continuing a second month


My family of three used the  NeurOptimal rental for two months. I had about 35 sessions. It is amazing. My day-to-day anxious feelings was dramatically reduced. And we all felt better overall. Better able to deal with stress foremost. but also better overall family interactions. We only stopped renting because we plan to purchase to use as a tool for our ongoing wellness.

– L.K., San Francisco, CA. Rented for two months. 


Neurofeedback with this team has been such an incredible experience. Sara has been so kind and amazing, making this experience even better! From the first session I was able to manage my stress better. Throughout the couple of months of neurofeedback training, my fear and worry around crowds dramatically lessened as well. I used to have very physical reactions to group meetings, seeing old friends and anything that was a big deal for me. I would get massive stress rash, my heart rate soared and I had so much nervous sweat- until the last couple weeks (post feedback) I have literally had no reaction in the 3 big meetings since then. I didn’t even know that could be changed! 100% I recommend take the step toward better wellness. I feel like I can function now.

– A.A. Rented a neurofeedback system for 2 months in Los Angeles. (Google review)


I had a great experience with my neurofeedback home rental system. It was easy to use, and after just 12 sessions (one month) I definitely felt more focused and creative with my work. I also slept better and my mood improved. My mind felt overall more relaxed and peaceful. Would highly recommend giving this a try!

– J.L., Los Angeles. Rented a neurofeedback system for one month. (google review).

I was extremely impressed with both the impact of using the NeurOptimal software as well as the quality and care that Sara put into her interactions with me throughout my rental period. I rented the system for two months and felt a very tangible relaxation effect in my body. The longer I used it, the more this effect accumulated and I will certainly be looking into renting one again when I am able. After getting used to the set up, it is simple and quick to set up sessions for yourself and as I said, the sessions really build on themselves in a subtle but tangible way. Sara, my rental manager, always interacted with me in a way that felt human and personal, and I always felt like I was being respected as an individual and not just as a customer. Thanks Sara!

– S. Oregon. Yelp review. Rented a system for two months

NeurOptimal® system has helped my focus and increased my awareness to be more 'in the moment’. I feel more calm, more at peace and happy. I was doubtful at first but can feel the changes!".

– E. San Diego, CA. Rented a system for two months


I must say, I was skeptical at first. Having a background in psychology, I was wary of Neurofeedback. Well, at least 15 sessions later, I am sold! I find my concentration levels improving, ability to understand and retain information while studying has increased, and I seem to sleep better---all adding up to a more relaxed feeling throughout my day. 
– J., Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. Did three in-office sessions and then rented a system for one month. This client continues to come in for a "booster session" every 6 months or so.


Neuro-feedback has helped me immensely. I did a lot of research and made a lot of phone calls before finding NeurOptimal. I was pleased to know that I could rent a system. Overall, the training has helped me be more focused and calm when in stress.

– Sheila, Los Angeles. Came in for a session and then rented a system for three months


Amazing experience! I felt more grounded, confident and my clarity greatly improved. Sara is wonderful and the machine is very easy to use at home. I highly recommend Neurofeedback Training.

– Wendy, WA 


More Reviews

I rented a Neurofeedback machine for 3 months and have been very pleased with the results. I feel calmer and more focused. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity. Sara and Kate were wonderful and responsive. Thank you very much.

– M., San Diego, CA

I was introduced to neurofeedback through the seminal book, The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel van der Kolk. Thereafter, I did a lot of research and was thrilled to find the convenient option to rent a NeurOptimal system from Sara to use at-home. Bonus - Neurofeedback Training's rental option saved me hundreds of dollars vs. a different provider's on-site clinic fees in my city (I'm not in CA). I trained regularly for 2.5 months (over 50 sessions) and am 100% satisfied with my investment. 

– E. in Portland, Oregon

I rented the home system, and I did a session every day for about 3mo. And I noticed PROFOUND changes: changes in behavior, thinking, and habits that I had been working on for years unsuccessfully.  

Andrew, Los Angeles, CA (read full review on Yelp!)

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What Are the Best Neurofeedback Training Options other than In-person visits?

  1. Rent a Neurofeedback at Home Kit:  Cost range from $650 - $950 per month + CA Sales Tax). The rental provides the same professional neurofeedback technology as in-office sessions.  If scheduling an in-person session, a short demonstration on how to set up the system at home is available upon request and can be done at the same time as ones in-person visit.  Learn more about renting here.
  2. Buy a Neurofeedback Machine Cost: $7500 and up. Learn more.

Common Questions About Neurofeedback Training 

What you need to know about brain training with the NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback™ system

What Is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a form of brain training that uses EEG sensors to measure brainwave activity.  Feedback is given to the individual when the brainwaves change to allow the resetting of mental and emotional patterns. Watch our video >

What Neurofeedback Technology Do We Use? 

The system we use for sessions and rentals is called NeurOptimal®. This second-generation neurofeedback technology is fully automated and does not require any protocols (brain mapping, EEG Scan). Instead, it is the only dynamic neurofeedback that allows the individual’s brain to be the expert deciding how to use the information rather than an expert trainer setting protocols to force change.  Thus allowing change to happen organically and minimizing unwanted effects.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Neurofeedback therapy focuses on unconscious learning in order to promote self-regulation.  During neurofeedback, the brain is learning about its habitual electrical activity. Electrical activity is one of the two ways the brain communicates internally; the second language is chemical activity.  

Neural pathways are connected via electrical impulses going down through the neurons (like stomping down the path), and chemicals allow the message to continue from one neuron to the next.  Negative habitual patterns--such as waking up too early, not being able to focus on the task at hand and worrying--are reflected in our electrical brainwave activities.  Unfortunately, the brain builds these negative pathways automatically, even though they are not helpful. In fact, they are signs of dysregulation.  Through the neurofeedback program, we learn how to find better patterns. 

When you decide to try neurofeedback brain training, you are addressing these old brain habits of well-worn stress responses.  The training helps you learn how to be responsive to your current needs and goals, rather than react with old habits that have been stomped in the snow. 

Is Neurofeedback Effective?

With neurofeedback sessions the individual learns to reset those negative patterns, allowing them to better manage sleep, and emotional regulation and improve cognitive fitness such as focus and concentration.  

The immediate benefits from neurofeedback sessions, typically noticed after one to three sessions include feeling calmer, more focused and for many, getting better sleep. More benefits >

How long does neurofeedback take to work?

Everyone is different. Some report immediate results (from subtle to more apparent changes in behaviour, sleep habits or emotional regulation) and some may require more training in order to notice shifts. Typically, we recommend 8-10 sessions to start with and after a set of 8 sessions assess if you are benefitting from the training.  

When coming in for a session or if renting a home system. We recommend everyone who is training to fill out the checklist so that they can observe the areas where they want to improve. 

We ask all clients, regardless of whether they are renting or training in-office, to fill this checklist out every 8-10 sessions. 

Download here

This checklist is key because it gives a numerical value to your goals and allows you to track your changes over time. Seeing the numbers change is a sign of progress!  During the first 8-10 sessions, numbers typically drop by 3.  For example, if "Difficulty concentrating" or "Often worry" starts at a value of 9, it is often reported to be a 6 after 10 sessions. 

Checklist - before and after one month of brain training with neuroptimal

These reporting tools also improve self-awareness.  One of our goals as neurofeedback coaches is to help clients notice how they are feeling. Noticing subtle changes helps you get ahead of your feelings, and maintain a sense of focus and calm.  Self-awareness is the first step to success because its a key to identifying which tools will help re-regulate the mind, whether it is a neurofeedback session, going to be early, or getting to the gym.

We also have seen that consistency is key when starting with neurofeedback training. Read our blog post to learn how to get the most benefit from neurofeedback > 

How Many Neurofeedback Sessions Do I Need?

Since 2011, we have helped thousands of clients complete successful brain training and our Neurofeedback Trainer in Los Angeles Sara has helped over 350 home renters since she began in 2015. The key to success is to not approach your training goals in terms of the number of sessions completed or how your brain might look differently on a graph.  The best results come from using self-assessments rather than the number of neurofeedback sessions. Our clients see better results when they use the self-reporting checklist as a guidepost.  They benefit in two ways.  They see from real data, that changes are happening.  As well, clients develop self-awareness by tracking shifts in their experience week by week.  This practice leads to optimized and individualized training that fit our client's needs. Rather than follow a prescribed amount, clients discover how many sessions are right for them and their children. Continue reading > 

Is Neurofeedback Covered by Insurance?

Individual health insurance companies determine what is covered and it varies from policy to policy.  Reach out to your insurance to inquire. The cost of renting a home neurofeedback device is approximately the same price as many co-pays, approximately $40/session. At this moment we don't take insurance for in-office sessions in Pasadena or for home system rentals.

Is Neurofeedback Safe? Is NeurOptimal® FDA Approved? 

Yes. It is safe. The NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system is not harmful and is 100% non-invasive. The FDA has approved it as a General Wellness Device, which means it is safe for consumers to use without the oversight of a healthcare provider.

What are the side effects of neurofeedback?

The NeurOptimal® system has a non-invasive design.  It does not force changes in brainwave patterns but rather works by giving the brain millisecond-by-millisecond feedback about its maladaptive patterns so the individual brain can utilize the information to improve its own functioning.

An analogue for the feedback process is seeing your reflection in a mirror. If you see your head is tilted you'll most likely automatically straighten it. NeurOptimal® alerts the brain that it is doing something and each brain will decide how to use the information it is presented with, in order to optimize its own functioning.

The most common effect after a neurofeedback session is that clients report feeling calmer and relaxed.  When clients have poor sleep hygiene and are exhausted they will often report feeling tired at the end of the session. This shift is a result of increased awareness and the client shifting out of a stress response. We coach these clients to pay attention to this shift as a communication of the need for more sleep.